rFactor 2 – New version of the Lola T280 released.



Pixsim released a new version of his Lola T280 the Image Space Incorporated rFactor 2 Platform. In this new version, numerous fixes and enhancements have been implemented.
The Lola T280 was build in 1972 and was a 3-liter variant of their Group 6 car. The chassis was fitted with the Formula 1 Cosworth DFV engine and was developed by Patrick Head and John Barnard.

Download here  (It is best to uninstall the old beta version before installing the new one).

Change log.

  • Pilot animation implemented 
  • new starting sounds taken from the real car. (thanks to the owner )
  • Sound fix,
  • Lod problem is hopefully solved.
  • New tires and new rim size, new data,
  • New shader ( carbody, mirror, tire, engine ..)
  • big update on the physics.
  • Rims blur
  • 3d corrections following new specific data.
  • Lights adjusted
  • Updated Gauge light during night race.
  • Mapping Fixes.
  • backfire and smoke fix.
  • 23 teams ( real and fictional ) 
  • Cockpit correction ( texture, 3D )


Official Webpage – rFactor.net


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