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rFactor 2 – Nordschleife Tourist by pleclair v0.97a

Pierre-André Leclair has posted an update of his Nurburgring Nordschleife convert for rFactor 2.
He has released update version 0.97a reported to be continuing updating the track. 

The original version of the track was created by Com8 for the rF1 platform. Pierre-André is now converting the track to rFactor 2.




Finally! Wait, before you think I’m done with it all, I’m not!
But I got something worth of sharing with you, and this time, not only with screenshots Posted Image It’s been a few week ends already I wanted to push in an update, and something always got added or changed.
On my last screenshots, I started working on the grass. Turns out I managed to replace all grasses with 4096×4096 textures, that I made from scratch myself. So they aren’t from any other tracks or whatever.
The only thing in Nords at the moment, that have been borrowed is the asphalt details maps (from Mores).
So, what to expect in this version?
Much better grasses all around, redid all trees again, since I made new grasses, the trees were too de-saturated for the new grass, so I remade them all. I applied my latest alpha masking techniques to them, and they look much much better. The specular maps and bump maps are also improved too.
Also, when I did the trees, I took the default textures, loaded them up in PS, and replaced with better trees. But we had about 50-60 trees mats defined, that used about 15 or so textures maps. So many trees repeated.
Now all 50-60 trees mats are different. I went again from the default textures, and picked trees matching those, and took a good look at the many images I have (thanks to Richard), and from videos on youtube, and made sure I picked trees variety that ressemble those in Nords.
I have removed many ugly tree lines that were way to close to the track. I will later replace all tree lines with real trees, similar to how its done in Mores.
The tarmac detail maps are now smaller. Turns out you guys were right. At some point, I was looking at a particular screenshot, and the car looked tiny on the tarmac, which appeared too big. So I made the grain a bit smaller, and now it looks pretty darn good.
I also made new gravel textures for the gravel traps. Redid the specs/bumps on the guard rails and curbs too.
Probably forgetting stuff as well, but you’ll see. There are a few things to fix in this version, the remaining cracks, a few UV mapping problems, some trees are flickering, some new bushes stand out of some fences, need to pull them back in.
But I think it should be enough for a while for you to enjoy a nearly brand new track from a visual perspective Posted Image



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