rFactor 2 Palatov Motorsport D4 available

Palatov Motorsport D4

Palatov Motorsport D4  Palatov Motorsport D4

rFactor 2 Palatov Motorsport D4 available

Image Space Incorporated released the Palatov Motorsport D4 for rFactor 2.  The Palatov D4 is a racing car, designed to make genuine race car performance accessible to track day enthusiasts at a modest cost.

This third party created rF2 model by the SLOW MOTION GROUP, includes a custom version, 170hp Track Day version and the 350hp AWD Hillclimb version.  ISI provided the tire model they created with data provided by Hoosier and Palatov.

The tire sets are named:

  • Sim Lasting Compound Set: Set of 3 compounds for MP purposes (more wear and degradation than the real tires).
  • Long Lasting Compound Set: Set of 3 compounds for testing real car (real wear and degradation).

Each compound offers the following choices.  Hoosier R DOT, Hoosier Racing Slick and Hoosier Wet. The sets differ in wear and degradation.

ISI also created three engines for the car by use of real dyno data and advice by Mr. Dennis Palatov.

Engine options:

  • Hayabusa 2015 1.3L inline-4 engine, 174.5 P.S. @ 9750 rpm, 150 Nm @ 7250 rpm, normal aspirated, that equips the Track day and is available as an option for the Custom Class.
  • Hayabusa 2015 Turbo Stage I 1.3L inline-4 engine, 226.1 P.S. @ 9800 rpm, 195 Nm @ 7750 rpm, that is available as option for the Custom Class only.
  • Hayabusa 2015 Turbo Stage II 1.3L inline-4 engine, larger radiator, 351.6 P.S. @ 10250 rpm, 283 Nm @ 8100 rpm, that equips the Hillclimb and is available as an option for the Custom Class.

The development team tried to calibrate the force feedback to accurately resemble the response of the real car.  It is stated that it will take a little time to get used to.



3D remake and new spare parts by Alessio Contardi & Chris “redapg”
Original driver and driver/steering wheel animation by Alex Coutie
Skins, Helmet & Suit by LcR & Juergen-BY
New engine physics by Nicola Acciarri RFE and Chris “redapg”
New native turbine by Chris “redapg” & Nicola Acciarri RFE
Physic Consultants: Nicola Acciarri RFE & Chris “redapg”
Promo Video by Racefreak1976
Graphic, Physic and overall structure by Slow Motion RFE

Official Webpage – www.rfactor.net


Palatov Motorsport D4  Palatov Motorsport D4