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rFactor 2 physics development blog featuring the Brabham BT44B 1975

rFactor 2 goes Steam only


rFactor 2 physics development blog featuring the Brabham BT44B 1975

Michael Borda who is the Virtual Vehicle Engineer at Image Space Incorporated has initiated a blog page on the rFactor 2 forums where he will discuss the process of optimizing vehicle physics in rFactor 2.

The blog will eventually include some spreadsheet releases and more in-depth explanations about the rF2 physics creation process. This first installment will delve into a question that many people have. How do I get my rF1 physics into rF2?

Michael explains he is a firm believer that an example is the best way to learn something, and therefore started a very interesting project.

Image Space Incorporated is currently working on a Brabham BT44B (1975) model wich will be used as an example for this blog project.

The Brabham BT44B will be a Steam exclusive development release. The Brabham is the first of what will be a new series of content called the “Development Preview (WIP).” All the content will be released through the Steam workshop. In this series, you will be able to witness the graphics and physics of an ISI content project take shape. The ISI dev team will also take note of your feedback.

Every update to the car project will coincide with a new blog entry which will be outlining the developments and changes made. At the moment, the Brabham BT44B model is still in its  early development preview stage but is already available for download.



The Brabham BT44 was a Formula One racing car designed by Brabham’s chief designer Gordon Murray. The BT44 was an update of the partially successful 1973 BT42. The BT44 was considered to be a precursor to ground effects aerodynamics.

In 1975, the iconic Martini sponsored Brabham BT44 was modified and won the Brazilian and German Grand Prix. After a series of strong finishes, Carlos Reutemann finished third in the drivers’ championship. The 1975 Brabham BT44 was believed to be a very good car, but couldn’t match the performance of the McLaren M23 or the Ferrari 312T.


Brabham BT44B for rFactor 2