rFactor 2 – Q4 2022 Content Drop Available

rFactor 2 - Q4 2022 Content Drop Available

Studio 397 has released the holiday season DLC drop for rFactor 2, including the Porsche GT3 Cup 992, Vauxhall Astra BTCC, and the teams, drivers, and liveries of the 2022 British Touring Car Championship.

Furthermore, the BTCC cars, the StockCar 2018, the Vanwall LMH, and the Caterham Academy received a healthy update, alongside a number of fixes and improvements for various tracks.

Official Webpage – www.studio-397.com – The rFactor 2 Racing Simulator is available via Steam for €29,99.

Studio 397 Quote:

BTCC 2022 Season

rFactor 2 BTCC 2022 Season update

BTCC Update | Steam Store: CLICK HERE

A free update to anyone who owns the respective 2021 BTCC car(s), the 2022 update introduces every team, driver, and livery of the 2022 British Touring Car Championship season for the cars released thus far, plus a promise to include the 2022 season liveries on the upcoming BTCC content – 32 official liveries to adorn the eight car models that make up the 2022 field.

As well as all the drivers of the current BTCC season, the 2022 update also adds a revised tyre model and full Balance of Performance across the grid, making the art of not just driving, but winning, in a BTCC car all the more exciting and enjoyable out on the track.

Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (992)

rFactor 2 Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (992)

Porsche GT3 Cup 992 | Steam Store: CLICK HERE

Developed in conjunction with both Porsche themselves, and real-world Porsche Cup driver and World’s Fastest Gamer winner Rudy van Buren, the new Porsche GT3 Cup 992 is an incredibly exciting car on which to tackle the various race circuits available within rFactor 2.

Producing a driving experience that is sure to keep drivers on their toes like only a Porsche Cup car can, this is a brutal yet engaging vehicle that offers up a little something for everyone – whilst making that stunning Porsche noise that we’ve all come to love in recent years.

Built with supreme attention to detail – a lot of you have been waiting patiently for this one, and we are pretty sure you will all find it has been very much worth the wait!

BTCC Vauxhall Astra

rFactor 2 BTCC Vauxhall Astra

Vauxhall Astra BTCC | Steam Store: CLICK HERE

The venerable Astra is now coming to the end of its competitive lifecycle in the British Touring Car Championship, however despite its advancing years and lack of development in recent times, the car remains an exceptionally enjoyable front-wheel-drive racer, and one that remains very popular with fans of the sport – something we expect will transfer to the virtual version in rFactor 2.

Shorter in wheelbase than many of the British Touring Car field, the Astra offers a different and more lively driving experience than most NGTC spec cars – something we think will be enjoyed a great deal by our community once you get used to the new driving experience.

Content Updates

rFactor 2 StockCar 2018

As well as the new goodies to enjoy, we’ve also got a bunch of free updates to existing content within the simulation. From the substantial improvements to the StockCar 2018, to the more housekeeping changes brought forward to some of our existing tracks, these updates are all aimed at bringing together a more coherent and improved experience in rFactor 2 – something we’ve thoroughly enjoyed achieving throughout 2022, and look forward to more of the same into the New Year and beyond!

Below, please find details on the various content updates that have been released as part of this end-of-year release:

Bahrain v1.11

  • Fixed Track Limits GP layout T10 exit
  • Optimized Visgroups
  • Animated night visuals on Sahkir tower
  • Fixed DRS on alternate layouts

Daytona v1.17

  • Various minor performance optimizations
  • Improvements to Road, Grass, and Water materials
  • Fixed Oval layout camera clipping

Sebring v1.15

  • Fixed Pit Exit Cut Detection on full circuit layouts
  • Fixed various minor issues
  • Fixed Rolling Start Issues
  • Minor Optimization
  • Minor Gap Fixes

Nordschleife v2.43

  • Updated pit lane cut corridors, pit exit cut detection on all layouts.
  • Reviewed fast rolling starts, all layouts
  • Don’t render the Ferris wheel on low track detail setting

Circuit d’Azur v1.19

  • Fix for orange ambient online
  • Optimization and fixes to Track Detail settings
  • Minor LOD optimizations
  • Minor optimization to reflection mappers
  • Updated Water materials
  • Minor updates to road and terrain materials

Laguna Seca v1.21

  • Reviewed cut corridors in pitlane (around rear path connections)
  • Fixed terrain gap outside of final turn
  • Curb Collision Fixes T7 & T9

Botniaring v1.07

  • Fix for black raindrops on car windscreens when raining

StockCar 2018 v2.25

  • Updated 3D models (flaws/rain effects).
  • Updated liveries & Paint Templates.
  • Updated brake torque.
  • Updated aero package.
  • New shaders are applied to all objects.
  • New digital dash.
  • New sounds were added for the new sound engine.
  • V2 tyre update (52 Compounds).
  • Added wipers for road course wet weather racing.
  • Updated all default setups.
  • Implemented RCD Talent file.
  • AI improvements (all tracks they run on).

Caterham Academy v1.11

  • Fixed windshield looking milky when crashing the car
  • Fixed rain not clearing the windshield

Vanwall LMH v1.13

  • Added a bop upgrade
  • Fixed tire wear
  • Added shift protection
  • Added some more gear ratios
  • Changed rev limit to 9100
  • Fixed rear brake calipers being on the wrong side

BMW 330 v1.17

  • Added 2022 teams
  • Added new tires
  • New engine cooling
  • New water/oil radiator settings
  • Added 5kg weight penalty
  • Updated tire textures and materials to match other cars
  • Removed alcohol sponsors

Ford Focus v1.31

  • Added 2022 teams
  • Added new tires
  • New engine cooling
  • New water/oil radiator settings
  • Updated tire textures and materials to match other cars

Hyundai i30 v1.31

  • Added 2022 teams
  • Removed generic liveries
  • Added new tires
  • New engine cooling
  • New water/oil radiator settings
  • Updated tire textures and materials to match other cars

Infiniti Q50 v1.37

  • Added 2022 teams
  • Added new tires
  • New engine cooling
  • New water/oil radiator settings
  • Added 4kg weight penalty
  • Updated tire textures and materials to match other cars

Toyota Corolla v1.47

  • Added 2022 teams
  • Added new tires
  • New engine cooling
  • New water/oil radiator settings
  • Added 2022 teams
  • Updated tire textures and materials to match other cars

rFactor 2 In-Game Store

rFactor 2 In-Game Store

rFactor 2 In-Game Store | More Details: CLICK HERE

Don’t forget, this August we brought online the brand new, and in-game rFactor 2 Store – where players have the opportunity to quickly and easily see what content is available within the simulation, and to easily identify the very best purchasing options and sale offers on every item available for rFactor 2.

Presented in a much more streamlined and intuitive design than the default Steam Store, with added simplicity to help you understand which items are already within your Steam inventory, the new rFactor 2 in-game store really is the best way to browse and purchase content within rFactor 2!

The final release of 2022 is here – new cars, a new season update for the BTCC and lots of fun to be had – thank you to everyone for making 2022 a fantastic year for rFactor 2 – enjoy the festive holidays, and see you out on the track!

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