rFactor 2 – Release Candidate Hotfix 3 – AI Improvements Coming

rFactor 2 - Release Candidate Hotfix 3 - AI Improvements Coming
rFactor 2 AI Improvements Coming

Studio 397 has deployed a new hotfix update further improving the current ‘Release Candidate’ build of rFactor 2. Furthermore, they announced that new AI updates will form part of the Q4 2022 build update to rFactor 2.

The latest Release Candidate version of the current rF2 build can be found under the ‘beta’ tab of your rFactor 2 installation within Steam. The public deployment of the Q4 2022 build is scheduled for November 7th.

AI Updates

The development team has been working on the AI cars in rFactor 2 substantially improving the response of the artificial competitors which will greatly improve the offline racing experience.

The new AI improvements resulted in less erratic throttle and brake behavior, smoothed-out steering inputs, smoother car control, and improved AI ability to adhere to racing surface and avoid unnecessary off track excursions and spins.

The changes will be rolled out globally across the simulation, instantly affecting all the available content types. While addressing the AI improvements, the dev team took the opportunity to clean and optimize the AI code, which will give them a much stronger base on which to work on AI going forwards

Hotfix 3 Changelog:

Client: 9847777
Server: 9847786

  • Sped up Race Event creation in MAS Tool regardless of size/age of pkginfo.dat
  • Fixed anonymous steam IDs being reported in the results.xml when players left the server before the file gets written.
  • Fixed game crashing with “null” in controller.json
  • Fixed game crashing when pressing escape to monitor
  • Fix for headlight assignments issues when setting “Max Headlights” lower than 20.
  • Fix a crash when trying to display the game borderless on a third monitor with a different solution than the first.
  • Fix using the resolution of the first screen when displaying on any other using borderless.
  • Fixed a crash when changing the monitor when in fullscreen.
  • Fixed changing resolutions in windowed mode.
  • Fixed reverting resolution by picking the wrong resolution to revert to. Used to pick the first with the same width
  • Fixed not being able to delete the first replay in the list
  • Fix for problematic behavior introduced in RC where AI would lose track of the target waypoint or get stuck driving the wrong way.

Official Webpage – www.studio-397.com – The rFactor 2 Racing Simulator is available via Steam for €29,99.