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rFactor 2 – Roadmap Update August 2018

rFactor 2 - Roadmap Update August 2018

rFactor 2 Roadmap Update August 2018

rFactor 2 – Roadmap Update August 2018

Studio 397 published the August 2018 Roadmap Update for rFactor 2. As usual, they are bringing us up to date with the latest progress and upcoming content for the rF2 racing simulator.

For more details, check the full Roadmap Update below.

Roadmap Update (Quote)

SimRacing Expo 2018

There is enough going on at this year’s Expo that we could probably fill the whole Roadmap with it, so let’s concentrate on the major things you should know about it. Obviously, we will have a booth at the Expo, so you can come around and meet the team, as we will bring plenty of people along. But just talking to us might be a bit boring all day long, so we will make sure that you will have plenty of reasons to visit the rFactor 2 booth. One of them will be new content that we will show exclusively at our booth, a pre-release of course. Hypemode intensifies!

You want to know more about what this could be? For now, you need to live with just 3 words: iconic, fast, competition proven, more at the Expo! (wink) You think that’s it already? Enough reasons to visit us? Nah, we’re in for way more this year! The content shown at the booth will be our first announced during the Expo, but as Germans say “Alle guten Dinge sind drei”, literally meaning “all good things come in threes”, meaning we will follow up with another announcement during Saturday afternoon.

This second announcement will probably tick a lot of boxes for simracers in terms of their dreams-list for our simulation. We are more than excited to finally share that with you. Sunday will see a third announcement (yep, you’re not getting a day to get back your breath) which will show our dedication to further improving your sim racing experience. What happens if you can’t be around then? Don’t worry, we will stream all announcements and first talks about them live from our booth onto our channels. Missing them is not an option at all.

Before we all now dive into the guessing-game about what could be in the announcements, let’s have a look at the other topics of our roadmap…

UI and Competition

We are fully aware that everyone is awaiting news on the UI and we’re still working hard every day on this topic. Many steps are needed to implement a UI like the one we envision, which is taking a lot of time. We are still tweaking and optimizing, and we will be able to show parts of the new interface at the Expo. Of course, we are very curious to get your feedback there!

On the competition side, we have been integrating different session types so we can have events that consist of combinations of practice, qualification and race sessions and we are looking at different ways to score events. In the last month or so we have also been researching and testing a rating system, feeding it data of many races and evaluating its outcome. We’re nowhere near done, but some of these improvements we will certainly already bring to the McLaren Shadow competition next month.


On the content side, we won’t yet spoil the surprises we have in store for the Expo. Previously we’ve announced both Zandvoort and the Reiza Pack to be almost ready and we do anticipate both to become available in September.

rFactor 2 Zandvoort


The community is our favorite topic because most of the time this means we can have some action as well. What we’re talking about? Obviously our community night! We did not forget about it at all, so you can expect a new date for some racing and talk on-stream soon. Maybe we should also do a vote for track/car combinations? As always, if you got feedback, suggestions/ideas, feel free to drop into our Discord server and let us know!

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