rFactor 2 São Paulo (Interlagos) Released

rFactor 2 São Paulo

Interlagos  Interlagos

rFactor 2 São Paulo (Interlagos) Released

Image Space Incorporated released the 2013 São Paulo GP road-course for rFactor 2. This project is a third-party collaboration with Reiza Studios whom you know from the awesome Game Stock Car title. . ISI stated that the rFactor 2 São Paulo project is the first, but surely not the last they will be sharing with Reiza Studios.


Known as the Autódromo José Carlos Pace in the city of São Paulo, the Interlagos circuit is best known as the most famous Brazillian Formula One track.  The circuit is one of a minority of non-oval racing circuits that go in an anti-clockwise direction. From 1990, the original circuit was shortened from 7,829 m to only 4,397 m to meet the FIA regulations. This 15 corner track has numerous elevation changes making it a popular track for real and Sim Racers.

Official Webpage – http://rfactor.net/


rFactor2 Interlagos  rFactor2-2014-10-24-11-49-19-58

rFactor2-Interlagos  rFactor2-Interlagos

rFactor2-2014- Interlagos  rFactor2-2014 Interlagos