rFactor 2 – Sebring International Raceway Graphical Overhaul & PBR Update

rFactor 2 - Sebring International Raceway Graphical Overhaul & PBR Update

Studio 397 deployed a new update revamping the laser scanned Sebring International Raceway for rFactor 2 bringing the version number to v1.29.

Check out the full changelog below.

Official Webpage – www.studio-397.com

The rFactor 2 Racing Simulator is available via Steam for €29,99.

Studio 397 Quote:

Back in July 2018 we released the very first rFactor 2 laser-scanned track, Sebring International Raceway. Looking back now, the thought occurs, “What a track to start our laser scan journey, with its knobbly undulating concrete slabs and constantly changing road surface.” To say it was a challenge to reproduce would be an understatement. But we took on this new challenge, and after months of painstaking work released one of the most iconic endurance tracks to the anxiously waiting rFactor 2 public.

The reception was incredibly positive. The road feel was like nothing ever experienced in rFactor 2, or any sim for that matter. The professional drivers that tested the track for us in its initial stages commented on the sublime realistic feel that mirrored the real track down to the most subtle details. This feedback together with the post-release public reception motivated the Studio 397 team to forge ahead with new and exciting laser-scanned tracks.

Fast forward to 2019, when we introduced PBR. What is PBR? you might ask. In simple terms Physically Based Rendering is a graphics approach that seeks to render images in a way that models the flow of light in the real world.

rFactor 2 Sebring International Raceway

So as you can imagine PBR is a game changer in terms of how it allows the track environment to come alive with all its real-life subtleties. Sebring, which was created before the use of PBR, has been on the waiting list to get the full PBR treatment. We are therefore excited you can finally see it in all it’s glory.

In the words of the the track team:

Updating a track to PBR is no minor task. Whilst some assets can just have a few textures replaced from a stock library, quite often it means reworking many entire materials which compromise of many textures which are all linked together which lets the game engine know different information about how to light this material.

When it came to updating the track we wanted to make sure that we retained all its unique character both in terms of racing surfaces and all the spectators and vehicles that surround the track too but also improve those details too. Additionally, we’ve upgraded some assets that needed extra attention and worked hard to ensure the overall atmosphere of the track all fits and works well. We hope you enjoy racing at the updated track!

rFactor 2 Sebring International Raceway

If you already own Sebring the update will download and install automatically once you open Steam, and if you don’t yet have it in you inventory then sprint on over to our Steam Item Store and pick it up!

Sebring International Raceway | Steam Store: Click Here.


Sebring International Raceway


  • Full update to PBR on all assets and materials
  • Remodelled and updated Hotel
  • Updated Spectator and Foliage materials
  • Added various updated support and rescue vehicles
  • Reviewed Visgroup settings for more optimal performance on Medium/Low details
  • Minor adjustment to AI line at T10
  • Fixed Inconsistent Pit Exit placement
  • Fixed issues with shadows on tyre barriers

Sebring International Raceway is available to purchase in rFactor 2 now.

rFactor 2 Sebring International Raceway
rFactor 2 Sebring International Raceway
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