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rFactor 2 – Stock Car Build and new Tracks released

rFactor 2 - Stock Car Build and new Tracks released
rFactor 2 - Stock Car

rFactor 2 – Stock Car Build and new Tracks released

Image Space Incorporated finally released the long awaited ‘Stock Car Build’ for rFactor 2.

With the addition of the S.C.R.S 2015 content, rFactor 2 now caters for the most popular form of motor racing in the United States. Furthermore, ISI also released the Jacksonville Superspeedway and an updated version of the Mountain Peak Speedway.

The rFactor 2 Stock Cars are tailored to several circuits types. The cars feature three main brake packages which are selected automatically on ISI tracks.

Short Track
Similar to other speedway configurations, the brakes tend to be larger, tires a bit softer. This refers to tracks under 1.0 mile and no inner lines are run. Pressures are also generally much lower and the loads tend to be much lower. Downforce levels are similar to normal speedways, though.

Setup to provide maximum left cornering potential, the car will pull left in a straight line. Inner liners are required in the tyres, which add unsprung mass. (Intended for use at tracks under 2 miles).

Speedway II
Similar to the speedway setup, but has reduced downforce as a testbed for 2016 regulations.

Speedway III
Setup to provide maximum left cornering potential, the car will pull left in a straight line. Inner liners are required in the tires, which add unsprung mass. (Intended for use at tracks over 2 miles).

Road course
The main differences are that it has a symmetrical setup but is otherwise similar to Short Track and Speedway configurations. The ratios are less restrictive as you can run whatever 3rd gear ratio you want. The radiator is opened up and brake cooling is essential.

Plate Tracks
These are tracks which are full throttle all the time (under normal circumstances). The power is reduced, and the overall downforce and drag much lower. The cars also tend to be setup to absolutely minimize drag, usually achieved by lowering the rear. The brakes are also much smaller.



Build 1008

This new build introduces a number of supportive code elements for Stock Car Oval racing, but will also be a testing platform for future advancements.


Working Stock Car rules:

  • Lucky Dog
  • No Lucky Dog to Driver who causes the caution
  • Speeding penalty during caution EOLL
  • Speeding penalty during green Drive Thru
  • Entering Closed pits EOLL penaltyGre
  • en White Checker finish
  • In-Car Track Bar Adjustment
  • Frozen Field when caution comes out

Partially Working Stock Car Rules:

  • Double File Restarts – Leader Chooses which lane he starts
  • Double File Restarts – Proper lineup order of Lead Lap, Lap down, Lucky Dog, Penalty Cars and Wave Arounds – Need feedback from Stock Car Leagues
  • Double File Restarts – Wave Around Cars – Do not get penalized yet for pitting before green flag is thrownQua
  • lifying Rules – 3 Round format works
  • Qualifying Rules – Forcing the use of 1 set of tires for all 3 rounds not working

Rules not implemented Yet:

  • Commitment cone violation for entering the pits
  • AI still race back to line when caution is thrown
  • All car(s) must maintain their respective track position for the restart until they cross the start/finish line.
  • Blending rule when re-entering the track during green flag conditions
  • No passing under double yellow line at Superspeedways

Known issues (A.I.):

We need to give the A.I. another look, as improvements in one area can often affect another. The A.I. are quite dynamic and will adjust their line according to grip levels. At Jacksonville, this tends to see them running high up against the wall. With an upcoming update to the core, we would like to try to keep them from scraping the wall as often as they do right now on the ovals. You can disable the ‘dynamic superspeedway’ code that causes this by changing playerfile value “AI Logic Override” to 2 (as mentioned in the notes below).

Build 1008 Changelog:


In order to take full advantage of the stock car features, it is recommended that users do the following:

  1. Enable the StockCarRules.dll and KnockoutQualifying.dll plugins. In single-player, this can be done in the UI Settings. For dedicated servers, operators will have to open the CustomPluginVariables.JSON file (in the UserData\player directory) and set ” Enabled” to 1 for both of these plugins.
  2. Download and install the “National Stock Car Racing 2015” mod. This contains many rules settings geared towards stock car racing.


  • Added a couple pieces of info to the internals plugins: approximate tire radius, and the pitstop lap distance.
  • Added FrontToeOffset and RearToeOffset garage settings which supplement FrontToeIn and RearToeIn.
  • Added a tiny bit of reconfigurability to the new ‘Low-Speed Info’ message box. PLR file value “LSI Top” lets you set its vertical position or disable it altogether.
  • Implemented the ability for rules plugins to control whether each vehicle is currently allowed to pit.
  • Added code to get stock car style gauges to work. will take a number of materials (defined in cockpitinfo.ini file parameter “STOCKCARGAUGE”), and turn them on or off depending on how close the player’s speed is to the pitlane speed.
  • Added .tbc variable “RoadGrooveSqrdGripEffect” so AIs will experience the same grip curve vs. groove as the human driver does.
  • Attempt to get AI drivers to be more flexible in their line following when trying to draft on superspeedways. (humans don’t necessarily follow the recorded driving lines) Can be disabled by setting playerfile option “AI Logic Override” to 2.
  • Added a gizmo to the UI in order to turn plugins on and off. In the future, you’ll also be able to edit custom plugin variables here.


  • There exists a new multiplayer.json variable “Plugin Heartbeat Rate” which can be turned off or set to different update rates. In addition, the plugin will be signaled that this is a heartbeat update by setting ScoringInfoV01::mGamePhase to a new value of 9 meaning “paused”.


  • Fixed slow car cycling
  • Fix for missing update cmps
  • Fix a problem with admin commands /pitby*
  • Fixed mod mode camera editor crash on camera selection by disabling camera naming in the release mod mode.
  • Fixed some problems where vehicles were moved or re-initialized at unexpected times.


  • Fixed bug with updates not showing in-game UI select list.
  • Fixed bug when creating vmod with updated components.
  • Ability to normalize collision corridors in the AIW editor (show collision corridors, select waypoints, then select normalize corridors).
  • Added # of waypoints selected to the AIW waypoint selection menu header.
  • Raised line drawing to be 0.1 meters above the track.


Mountain Peak Speedway Update Available

legendsoval  Mountain Peak Speedway

To support the rFactor 2 Stock Cars release, Image Space Incorporated  have also released the updated version of Mountain Peak Speedway.

This V1.2  update will add support for 43 cars on the oval configuration along with a small number of other fixes and tweaks.


  • New AIW
  • Added support for 43 cars
  • Other minor tweaks



Jacksonville Superspeedway Available

Jacksonville Superspeedway  Jacksonville Superspeedway

Originally created as a testing facility for big rig trucks in 1969, Jacksonville Superspeedway may appear to be a simple clone of other high banked 2.5-mile superspeedways, but nothing could be farther from the truth.

Jacksonville is quite challenging for a track of this type, including the areas where the banking drops away faster than expected, leaving a stock car chasing it’s tail towards the wall in a way that may be difficult for some to control.



gJED v0.844 Available

With the release of Build 1008, ISI has included the latest version of gJED in the Support\Tools folder. This new version contains a selection of bug fixes.

Point the Shader Path to Core\Shared or integrate it into your usual SDK folder structure.



  • Material editor scrollbars now work properly when moving to/from Matlib/Material/Texture panels
  • Side-by-Side error reported in event log is now gone
  • Mesh ‘No Render’ option now correctly toggles mesh visibility
  • Matlib/Material/Texture editor dialogs are now wider to accommodate long shader names
  • Added texture reload buttons to Material and Texture editors to allow fast reload of modified textures
  • Shader list in Material editor now shows proper shader names
  • Main window size and location from most recent session are now restored at startupESC
  • key no longer closes app
  • Search path list in the Open File dialog is now optimized to only show each path once with cleaner formatting
  • Applying matlib/mesh/mapper settings from .gmenv file now set to true by default
  • Added omni light toggle button to main toolbar

Major known issues:

  • gJED does not yet support any animation features from FBX
  • gJED does not read .gen files yet
  • Any colors (including custom colors) set from the color pickers are not saved yet
  • Mesh ‘deformable’ toggle still doesn’t work properly
  • Alpha test meshes are hard to pick for now


Official Webpage:


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