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rFactor 2 Stock Cars In Early Development + preview screens

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gen6 rfactor2 stock cars

rFactor 2 Stock Cars In Early Development

Image Space Incorporated released the first development previews of the upcoming Gen 6 rFactor 2 Stock Cars. Lets just cal them NASCAR Sprint Cup cars.

The development teams announced that the oval track (Indianapolis) and open wheel oval car (Dallara DW12) are getting closer to release.  As if that isn’t good news enough ISI is also announcing they started work on the 3D model of the Gen 6 Stock Cars. 

In comparison to its predecessor, generation 6 Stock Cars feature a number of safety Enhancements. A forward roof bar and center roof support bar to the roll cage are integrated to reinforce the integrity and e crush structure of the roof. The cars are fitted with larger roof flaps to improve liftoff problems when in a crash. The weight of the gen 6 cars has been reduced by 160 pounds The minimum weight of the driver has decreased from 200 to 180 pounds. Body panels are now produced only by the manufacturer and individually stamped for verification. Decals and car numbers can no longer be applied to the headlight and tail light areas. Only a single sponsor logo is permitted on the roof.

These supplied early wip images show us the generic “Howston” branded Cup car. This car will be conform to all mandatory 2014 “Gen6 Stock car″ rules and regulations. The Image Space Incorporated development team feels that with the a dynamic environment such as real road and night and day racing rFactor 2 could innovate the way a true Stock Car racing simulation is perceived.

ISI explained they are on the lookout for help of real world drivers and knowledgeable team staff to make sure that rFactor 2 will bring you the most realistic Stock car racing physics available.

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gen6 rfactor2 stock cars  gen6 rfactor2 stock cars