rFactor 2 – Tatuus Updates Deployed

rFactor 2 Tatuus Updates
rFactor 2 Tatuus Updates

Studio 397 has deployed a new update for the collection of Tatuus open-wheel cars in rFactor 2.  The updates should download automatically the next time players restart their Steam client.

The development team implemented a good number of visual updates, audio improvements, and physics changes. Furthermore, the new build also introduces a rather exciting Oval configuration for the USF 17 and PM 18 cars.

Check out the full changelog below.

Official Webpage – www.studio-397.com – The rFactor 2 Racing Simulator is available via Steam for €29,99.


Tatuus F4-T014 v1.14

  • RPM limiter update
  • Added turbo whistle and pop-off sound
  • Reduced oversteer on coming of the brakes
  • Default brake force 90kg

Tatuus USF-17 v1.14

  • Added Frontal Impact device
  • Added oval setup option
  • Adjusted Rear ride height default 40mm
  • Adjusted Rear wing default from D1 to B1
  • Brake Bias default 56-44
  • Default brake force 70 Kg
  • 56% front pressure bias.
  • Template fix for the nose cone
  • Fixed typo in Halo upgrade.

Tatuus PM-18 v1.32

  • Add Frontal Impact device
  • Removed rear geometry description from tuning page
  • Add oval setup option
  • Brake Bias default 56-44
  • Default brake force 70 Kg

Tatuus FT-50 v1.14

  • Gears added preload setting in LSD
  • Brake Bias default 56-44
  • Default brake force 80 Kg

Tatuus_F.3_T318 v1.20

  • Added turbo whistle, pop-off sound, ALS (anti-lag-system Upshift bang)
  • Gears added the LDS linear
  • Reduced oversteer on coming of the brakes
  • Removed brake blanking option
  • Default brake force 70 Kg
  • Added front caster setup option, range 2,5-4,5 0.5 steps default 3,5.
  • Added UMP front setup option, range -5 +10 default STD (=0)
  • Change rear default tire pressure from 109 to 115 kPa
  • Asia F3 only: Gitti tire drop off, wear. Increased wear by 25%.
rFactor 2 Tatuus Updates
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