rFactor 2 – The 2022 Season 1 Competition System

rFactor 2 - The 2022 Season 1 Competition System

Besides a big list of new content scheduled to be released on February 7th, Studio 397 also confirmed that the rFactor2 Competition System schedule will be totally revised.

Starting next week, rFactor 2 will feature a ‘season’ structure of races, offering a mix of free and paid content over a six-week cycle, concluding with community voted week taking place between seasons 1 and 2 of each quarter. For the purposes of this new scheduling, a quarter is defined as 13 weeks.

Season 1 will run from the 7th of February until the 20th of March running 3 series being the Alpine A110 Cup, the Open Wheel Sprint, and the INDYCAR Open Challenge. Alongside the official series, rF2 will also feature a “Race of the Season” schedule.

This new race schedule will be the first step towards the Competition System version 2.0.

Official Webpage – www.studio-397.com – The rFactor 2 Racing Simulator is available via Steam for €29,99.

Alpine A110 Cup

rFactor 2 Alpine A110 Cup

Car: Alpine A110 Cup (Steam Workshop: CLICK HERE)

Times: Daily, at the beginning of every hour

Format: 10-minute practice, 10-minute qualifying, 20-minute race

Open Wheel Sprint

rFactor 2 Open Wheel Sprint

Car: USF 2000 (Steam Workshop: CLICK HERE)

Times: Daily, 30 minutes past every hour

Format: 10-minute practice, 10-minute qualifying, 25-minute race

INDYCAR Open Challenge

rFactor 2 INDYCAR Open Challenge


Times: Daily at 9 pm CET and 1 am CET (3 pm EST and 7 pm EST)

Format: 10-minute practice, 10-minute qualifying, 40-minute race

Race of the Season

rFactor 2 Race of the Season

Date: Sunday 20th March

Time: 21:00 CET

Qualification: Hotlap competition to run 5 weeks through the season

Number of Drivers: 30

Race Details: 45 minutes, 1 x pitstop – upgrade

Live Steam: Yes – TraxionGG YouTube

This is a new initiative for the Competition System. Featuring hotlap qualification prior to the main race, this event is intended to become one of the pinnacle community races held within the CS. Developed to feature interesting content combinations and offer players the chance to race in a live-streamed full broadcast with the opportunity to take home a trophy, the Race of the Season should be a great way to take your online sim racing up a level, whilst still keeping things fun, and open to anyone within the rFactor 2 Community.

For our inaugural Race of the Season event, we will be running the new BMW M4 GT3 at the wonderful Daytona International Raceway!

These scheduled events have been designed to give players a structured and engaging opportunity to take their racing experience online against other players in rFactor 2. Whilst this is very much a step in the right direction for the Competition System, we continue working hard behind the scenes to bring new and exciting features we have planned, and that we received your feedback on. In the meantime, we are hoping this increased structure and visibility of what is coming up will get more of you racing through the Competitions System and thus justifying our continued development.

We are now at the stage where we are comfortable with the robustness of the system in its present form, and we consider this new schedule to be the first step towards Competition System version 2.0. Over the course of the next weeks, we will be mapping out what is possible to enhance within the short, medium, and long term future of the CS, with a view to getting these improvements up and live and into the player’s hands over the next few months.

Exciting times ahead!