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rFactor 2 – Three Iconic McLaren Cars Available For Free 

rFactor 2 - Three Iconic McLaren Cars Available For Free 

rFactor 2 – Three Iconic McLaren Cars Available For Free

Last weekend, a team of Studio 397 staff members was present at the 2018 edition of the Sim Racing Expo held in the 8.800 m2 Ring Boulevard at the German Nürburgring racing circuit in Germany. During the event, Studio 397 made a number of announcements revealing various upcoming improvements and new content for their rFactor 2 racing simulator.

One of the announcements revealed that Studio 397 was getting ready to release three legendary McLaren models for the rFactor 2 racing simulator as free content. And Studio 397 did not beat around the bush. The McLaren M23, the McLaren MP4/8, and the McLaren MP4/13 are now available free of cost for all rFactor 2 owners.

If you do not own rF2 yet, make sure to check out the updated Demo which let you drive one of these cars, and lets you compete with it in the first round of the McLaren Shadow competition.

rFactor 2 McLaren M23

rFactor 2 McLaren M23  rFactor 2 McLaren M23

McLaren M23

When McLaren introduces the M23 to the world in 1973 with first test drives, they knew already that they had created something special. Feedback from the first laps had been amazing, an easy to steer car with a great balance, thanks to nearly all the weight being close to the center, where also the tank was located. The introduction to the Formula 1 World Championship was marked as a complete success before even going into the cars first race since McLaren managed to put their brand new M23 right on Pole Position.

But it took another year before the British powerhouse was able to lift their first World Championship trophy, making sure that the M23 remained in the hearts of motorsport lovers for years to come while also paving the way for McLaren to become the iconic racing team they are nowadays. 16 Wins were scored with the M23 overall resulting in 2 World Championships, creating the legend of one of the most successful cars in history.

rFactor 2 McLaren MP4/8

McLaren MP4/8

710 PS were squeezed out of the 3.5 V8 Cosworth engine to propel this McLaren into the fights which would have gone viral if Facebook and YouTube would have been a thing back in 1993. McLaren went onto full attack with the MP4/8, trying to grab another world championship to add to their trophy room. While the car featured innovative technology and an advanced chassis, the team was being let down by an engine which in the end didn´t offer as much performance as their competition was able to produce. Nevertheless, this car put up a fight for the championship, especially since it featured automatic programmable gearbox, traction control and a host of other options, leaving the driver with more resources to concentrate solely on fighting for the top spots.

At the end of the season, 5 wins across weren´t quite enough to crown this masterpiece of a car with a title, leaving McLaren with a second place in the driver and constructors championship, despite incredible drives, such as the legendary drive By Ayrton Senna in the wet at Donington. But even if YouTube was not even invented back then, video clips of fights of this cars are still among the top hits. Step inside the monocoque and go back in time to bring home the trophy the MP4/8 deserves!

Special Features:

The McLaren MP4/8 featured an innovative shifting option with automatic upshift and downshift. As we brought this feature into rFactor, you can program your upshift with specific RPM for each gear, giving you full control of this feature. Of course, you can also turn this feature off instead.

rFactor 2 McLaren MP4/8 Special Features

rF2 Special Features  image2018-9-11_10-39-7

McLaren MP4/13

Even if Mika Häkkinen had his debut for the McLaren Formula 1 Team on the MP4/8, it was this version in 1998 that lifted him up among the greatest. Designed by Adrian Newey, the new Mp4/13 was a perfect fit for the new ruleset and the grooved tyres. Efficient aerodynamics teamed up with the most powerful engine (780bhp) on the grid, the car immediately dominated the series and turned the first race into a pure McLaren showcase. Every single competitor got lapped at least once during the Australian Grand Prix, just a sign of what was to come for the rest of the season.

The MP4/13 was able to reach speeds up to 353 km/h and managed to win 9 GPs that season, with Häkkinen lifting the trophy 8 times out of those 9. Eventually, it ended up with McLaren securing the constructor’s championship and the flying Finn to grab the drivers title, bringing back McLaren to the top of the series once again since the 1991 title.

rFactor 2 McLaren MP4/13  rFactor 2 McLaren MP4/13

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