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rFactor 2 Update for Build 1110 Released

rFactor 2 Update for Build 1110 Released

rF2 update May 2018

rFactor 2 Update for Build 1110 Released

STUDIO 397 released a new update addressing some issues and adding performance improvements for Build 1110 of the rFactor 2 racing simulator. The update will automatically deploy when you start your Steam client.

Changelog (Update 11 May)

  • Fixed issues with shadow and texture filtering introduced with performance update.
  • Fixed Launcher sporadically hanging on verify with certain content.
  • Fixed live replays not working when ‘Record Replay’ was set to OFF.
  • Fixed an issue that caused missing segments of real road on certain tracks.
  • New: Corner and safety workers can now be two separate objects and animations instead of being one object with two people. Naming conventions for modders.
  • The new safety workers are called SafetyWorker_001, _002, … and the animations SB_FLAGDOWN, SB_FLAGHELD, … similar to the corner worker
  • New: Puppet mode was added to dev mode for modders. It shows up in the menus and allows you to remotely control certain aspects of a race. You can also drag select cars in the camera view and control them.
  • Fixed missing brake disc glow.

Note: For this latest update, if you are already on rFactor 2 Build 1110, server Admins will NOT need to update dedicated servers.

Changelog (Update 13 May)

  • Fixed an issue that caused certain segments of real road to not render properly on some third party tracks.
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