rFactor 2: [WIP] Formula 3 Italia F309 by Tuttle. First model preview.



Formula 3 Italia F309 by Tuttle. First model preview.

Moddeler and modding artist Tuttle parked his Dunsfold track project , waiting for future updates…and is starting a new project based on his High Poly F309 model built for promotional/commercial purposes.


I’ve just remodeled a lot of parts from scratch (headrest not finished yet), working on the same original CADs drawings, to get a proper polycount/structure for rF2 – and using my original model as a reference, trying to keep a decent standard for the organic shape of this car.

The original bodyshape (without tires and cockpit stuff) was +600K(tris), the new one for rF2 is (actually) around 60Ktris (BodyShape/Wings + Suspensions). My budget for the full car at max quality will be around 100KTris but turning off a few details (ECU/cables/rivets/bolts etc..) the total polycount could be around 60/70KTris. There is not meshsmooth/turbosmooth, just polygon modeling with some nurbs on most organic areas for the LOD100.

The physics will be based on real Telemetry data and feedback, for the Fiat Powertrain engine with 2010 specs.

When it’s ready I’m thinking to release just a basic pack with one standard F3 and a basic livery+template (maybe the Entropyxel already made)…hoping some guys out there will made a full mod with the complete Italian Championship 2012…

Actually there are a lot of parts missing for the game version;

  • Engine cover+restrictor filter
  • Tires
  • Rims
  • Headrest
  • Brakes/Calipers

A first GI render preview of the rF2 version (more renders after I’ve closed the entire bodyshape);

More of the original work can be seen here (High Poly model offline renders);

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