rFactor 2 – [WIP] Top Gear Track DUNSFOLD AERODROME by Entropyxel. [VIDEO]



rFactor 2 – [WIP] Top Gear Track. [VIDEO]

Entropyxel is working on the famous TOP GEAR Dunsfold track.


The track ismade from scratch and will include 7 differents layouts
The Top Gear Test Track layout you all know from the show, will be the first release.

Some more laps around the Top Gear track on Dunsfold Aerodrome.

The track is a Work In Progress and will be available just after the rF2 beta testing on 7 differents layout.
Actually there are a lot of missing objects and many basic textures to update.

Real reflections are still in wip and has been deactivated…so do not worry to much about opaque cars and windows…:)
If you like this track and rFactor 2 – you can follow future updates on ISI forums (good or bad feedback are welcome during the developing period..

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