rFactor – Bryce Canyon Raceway Released.


KittX has released his latest production. Bryce Canyon track for rFactor.

The fantasy scratch-made track inspired by beautiful Bryce canyon in Utah, USA. This is not 100% representation of a real place, although it’s based on real data.
The track is 12,5 meters wide and 4,1 mile/6,6 km long, with elevation range of 464 meters. The track is inspired by, and made for HistorX Trans-Am vehicles, DRM mod, 70’s open-wheelers, and other big power beasts.

KittX tried to save as much of the original canyon look as possible, and used paths and dead rivers as a base for the track.
There are two versions included: standard with static sky picture and no night lighting, and 24-hour version, compatible with RFE plugin, with changing weather, moving clouds and night lighting of the pit area.
You can use the 24-hour version without RFE plugin as well, but the clouds won’t move and the weather won’t change.


Official Webpage – http://maccidesign.f1america.com.ar/
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