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rFactor – Enduracers Endurance Series mod cars in progress.

Enduracers have been working hard on their Endurance Series mod.  Today they confirmed that two new cars are in development, and will be added to the Endurance Series mod. The Oreca 01 LMP1 and the Oreca 03 LMP2.  The Oreca 03 has been developed in collaboration with RS Simulations and the Signatech Alpine racing team. The car has been modeled in 2012 and 2013 spec using Nissan and Judd BMW engines. Enduracers have also created a 2011 specification Oreca.

The Oreca 01 LMP1, in 2009 and 2010 spec will come with its own specific cockpit and steering wheel. The release date is not yet revealed. Interestingly, Enduracers also state that its not yet decided on which platform they will use the models. Having no further info, this might indicate a possible shift to rFactor 2, or Assetto Corsa in a future stage.

New cars in development since SP2.1 :


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