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rFactor – Historic GT & Touring cars mod V1.96 Released.


HistorX Team have released v1.96. of the massively popular Historic GT & Touring cars mod for rFactor.  The update is bringing you completely overhauled physics, new liveries, new sounds and a lot of new cars, that where not included in the original GTL release.

A full list of changes would be too long, so have a look at a short summary:

  • Over 100 new liveries.
  • Installer is now able to detect Steam’s GTL version.
  • Dodge challenger Nº 76 , team name changed to “Ray Caldwell’s Autodynamics #76” same with full team name line.
  • both gears.ini files of the T/A minis fixed.
  • corrected number of mipmaps on several textures : – Porsche 911 RSR nº45 windows – Porsche 911 RSR nº70 windows – Abarth T/A nº 16 windows
  • updated all corvette C3 .mas files , fixed number of mipmaps on several textures.
  • updated Porshe 911S .mas file , fixed number of mipmaps on several textures.
  • updated Cobra 427 (non GTL cars ) .mas files , fixed number of mipmaps on several textures.
  • Alfa GTAm fixed cockpit textures.
  • fixed Maserati typo 60 & 61 veh files, now they are using correct gauges.
  • updated Austin Healey Hdv & gears.ini file.
  • updated Pantera factory hdv file
  • updated Porsche 911S 2.4 engine file
  • Updated drivers’ and other textures.
  • physics of All Over 2 liter class cars have been reviewed
  • 66 Mustang
  • 67 Mustang
  • 67 Camaro
  • 67 Penske Camaro
  • 68 Mustang
  • 68 Camaro
  • 68 Penske Camaro
  • 69 Mustang T/A
  • 69 Mustang FIA
  • 70 Dodge Challenger
  • 70 Plymouth ‘Cuda
  • 70 Pontiac Firebird T/A
  • 70 Camaro Chaparral
  • 71 AMC Javelin


The team has also written a detailed and comprehensive Manual. It contains very important and detailed information about the installation requirements/process, as well as details about how to configure the mod to get the best of out of it. Get it here

 For the time being the mod is only downloadable as a torrent file.




Mod features:

  • Scratch made physics.
  • Advanced engine features (engine life limit, etc.)
  • New sounds, created from real recordings of each car.
  • Customized artificial intelligence (AI).
  • Exclusive graphic solution to improve night races.
  • Realistic Force Feedback (supports RealFeel Plugin).
  • Customized user interface.
  • Championship mode with a lot of different season


Installation requirements:

In order to install the mod you must have:

  • GT Legends (DVD/CD version or the digital version purchased at or
  • rFactor properly installed and activated
  • No previous version of Historic GT & Touring cars mod installed


HistorX mod team is a group of dedicated and passionate people from all around the world, focused on the development of a free classic cars simulator, using as base rFactor, a racing simulator developed by ISI (Image Space Incorporated).

Their first release was Historic GT & Touring cars for rFactor, a free modification (mod) for rFactor (racing simulator). Part of it used as base Simbin’s GTL models, but the rest was developed from scratch, trying to get a accurate & realistic historic racing simulation.


HistorX Mod Team (Alphabetical order)

Gonzas: Integration, Testing, Comedian
Graag: Skins manager
Grasshopper: Models, Testing
Hugh Jarse: Showroom, Testing, Skins
Munty: Skins guru
Papagis: Models, Textures
NotLaw: Models, Testing
Rantam: User Interface, Testing, Installer, Manual, P.R., Models, Textures.
Wolferl: Car sounds, Testing
Yutja: AI
Yoshimura: Physics, Testing


Techade: Realfeel Force Feedback
Richard Jackett: Grindding tranny

New members


Niels At Home: Physics consultant

Former members

BradK: Models, skins, cockpits
CharleeSkywalker(DinoLover): Models
Falkrum: Mercedes SLR models & textures
JorgeAraujo: Models, forum videos
Juju: Models, textures (We really hope you’re doing fine!)
Eric Bugs: Skins
Jules327: Skins


Official Webpage –