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rFactor – introducing the VHR 2013 Edition.


VHR 2013 Edition is going very well, with new Sprint Cup models in the game and a completely updated car set to go along with them sets VHR above the rest in keeping current to Nascar, not even iracing comes close to that aspect.

All of the tracks have been gone over with new lighting, updated textures, new race grooves and bumps were needed, 2013 is set to be the best year for VHR drivers and leagues. Release of 1.0 is set for February 8th so the wait is just about over.

  • New track terrain files for all VHR tracks including updated bumps, highlines at some tracks.
  • – Updated VHR’s engine cooling characteristics in regards to tape and engine wear.
  • – Updated drag ride height in the aero physic’s, thus making you suffer speed wise from rising your ride height too high in the front or the rear.
  • – New SS drafting package, testing proved that pack racing is back for 2013.
  • – Updated cube maps for car models and tracks for more realistic looking reflections.
  • – Updated cockpit side mirror placement and windshield texture.
  • – 2013 Sprint Cup model updates along with a fully updated paint skins.

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