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rFactor – VHR Stockcar Interior Sound and Track Testing and update info.


Corvette Dave reports that work is going full throttle on the 1.5 update of VHR Stockcar coming this fall.
As noted in an earlier new section, 1.5 will be based on VHR 2010 (4.0). Some items have been updated such as tires, speedway drafting, aero push just to mention a few.
The Sprint Cup isn’t the only mod getting an update, the Camping World Truck series and the Nationwide series mod’s will see a big update in regards to suspension, tires, drafting and sounds.

Aside from the physic’s update, the U.I system has been updated to accommodate the additional settings can be made in the garage area. Such things as more adjustability for the shocks, ride heights and front down force options are now available to the driver. The tracks have updated grip levels, textures and lighting, and there will be a list created in the VHR forums showing the changes and updates for version 1.5 soon.  CD.


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