rFpro – Behind the scenes at the Alpine Simulator

While many of us, are very familiar with the excellent rFactor 2 racing simulation, the title also has a professional half-brother in the form of rFpro. Both titles originated under the same brand name, but are in essence two completely separate companies.

rFpro focuses on driving simulations for the engineering development of vehicle dynamics and control systems that affect vehicle dynamics. Besides the applications for the automotive industry, rFpro is also a proven tool in the demanding motorsport categories of F1, NASCAR, WEC, Indy, Super GT, IMSA, Formula E, and more.

In today’s motorsport environment, testing opportunities are limited. Therefore, simulation has become an important tool for driver training, track recognizance, tactical simulations, and more. However, simulators have become even more beneficial for the development and assessment of new parts, and their performance.

One of the 2022 Formula 1 constructors, making use of rFpro’s professional simulation services is the  French BWT Alpine F1 Team, formerly the Renault F1 outfit. In a recent video, the team takes us behind the scenes to show us how a professional simulator is used to benefit both the driver and the development of a Formula 1 car.

Official Webpage – rfpro.com

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