rFpro Nordschleife Spa and Monaco footage


rFpro Nordschleife Spa and Monaco footage

Most visitors to this site will be familiar with Image Space Incorporated line of rFactor Simulators. However, ever since its existence there has also been the lesser known rFactor Pro.

This specialised version of the simulator is being used by Automotive OEMs and Motorsport manufacturers such as F1 teams and NASCAR manufacturers for engineering development and testing purposes of parts such as chassis, drivetrain and safety systems.

The included rFpro videos are showing you some highlights of the latest 2014 builds of the Nordschleife track and the current Monaco F1 Circuit. The video illustrates a road surface that is supposed to be accurate to within 1cm in both x and y axes. Furthermore, the videos also feature footage of Eau Rouge at the Spa-Francorchamps circuit and a full lap of the iconic Monaco track.

Official Webpage –¬†rfactor.net