Rich Boy Toy – BWT Alpine F1 Team Simulator

BWT Alpine F1 Team Simulator is the home of Official F1 Memorabilia. Diehard F1 fans with more money than… can choose out of a number of items that come with a certificate of authenticity and/or an authentic hologram which allows you to scan and register your memorabilia, certifying it and naming you as the official owner.

One of the items on sale is the BWT Alpine F1 Team Simulator, which is designed using the official F1 Team CAD drawings, and features a chassis crafted entirely out of carbon fiber. The rest is obviously not that important as no real details are shared. Since it’s F1, you will have to believe them on their word that this will rock your world. And let’s be honest, if the product does not turn out to be that great, you can always get yourself another supercar, yacht, or some real estate to keep yourself entertained.

Let me share the officially listed specifications: (not kidding you)

  • The ultimate in authenticity and performance
  • Hardware – Nothing short of state-of-the-art.
  • Components used – Meticulously selected to be the best in the market.
  • Software – Programmed by experts to ‘just work’.
  • Professional-grade steering wheel and pedals included
  • Sound – State-of-the-art immersive sound system
  • Benefits – It’s not a purchase, but an investment in unparalleled luxury. It’s a statement. A jewel in the crown.

The BWT Alpine F1 Team Simulator is on sale for a modest €119.616,95 + taxes and shipping cost.

Ed: on a serious note, should I find the actual specifications of this product, I will add them accordingly.

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