Rock Solid Rigs RSR-21 Wooden Rig Review By Dave Cam

Rock Solid Rigs

YouTubing Sim Racer Dave Cameron reviews the Rock Solid Rigs RSR-21 Wooden Sim Racing Cockpit.

Wooden Sim Racing chassis are by no means a new thing. I am sure many of the readers did build a wooden DIY chassis at some point, or have purchased one of the many commercially available products.

However, the Rock Solid Rigs RSR-21 takes the wooden sim rig design one step further. Rock Solid Rigs came up with a modular full featured, very rigid, fully adjustable design, at a competitive price.

Check out the Rock Solid Rigs online store for pricing, and details regarding the available modules.

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RSR-21 Wooden Sim Racing Rig

RSR-21 Specs

  • Formula One design meets Race & Flight Simulation.
  • Totally unique, the RSR-21 is the original professional Wooden Sim Racing Cockpit.
  • Developed by a Formula One designer without gimmicks or compromise, optimized using the same techniques and software used by F1 teams.
  • Designed to be one of the stiffest chassis on the market due to its direct load paths and substantial sectional stiffness.


  • Structural Grade Baltic Birch Plywood enables the chassis geometry to be optimized for exceptional stiffness, utilizing ribs, spars and triangulation throughout.
  • Birch Plywood is a superb structural material as it acts as a composite panel due to its 0-90-0 fiber orientation. 
  • Steel bolts and Barrel nuts are also used throughout, just as they are in racing cars and aircraft, this allows for high clamping loads between parts due to plywoods high shear out strength. This contributes to the structure’s exceptional stiffness.

Race or Flight

  • Designed to be configured as a race or flight simulator without compromise.
RSR-21 Wooden Sim Racing Rig Rear


  • Class-leading adjustment ranges allow accurate driving/piloting position relative to controls and monitors for all driver sizes as well as vehicle types.
  • Seat mount: 20cm forward/back, 12cm vertical, 32° tilt.
  • Pedal mount: 20cm forward/back, 12cm vertical, 52° tilt.
  • Steering mount: 21cm vertical, 50° tilt.
  • Rig stiffness remains consistent throughout adjustment ranges.
  • No tools required.
RSR-21 Wooden Sim Racing Rig Side


  • Pre-drilled for Fanatec, Thrustmaster & Logitech hardware (fixings included).
  • Fit any seat or control system in any orientation with ease by drilling mounting holes into the heavy-duty 18mm thick plywood mounts.
  • Monitor mounts are compatible with 50mm, 75mm & 100mm VESA patterns (fixings included)
RSR-21 Wooden Sim Racing Rig full


  • Inspired by aircraft bulkhead design. Load paths are optimized using specialist software to provide greater system stiffness understeering and braking than most steel or aluminum rigs, making you faster.
  • The exceptional stiffness of the chassis also allows screens to be mounted directly to it without vibration issues.