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RaceRoom Racing Experience – Open Beta & Pricing details revealed.




SimBin Studios AB and RaceRoom Entertainment AG have today released a new video highlighting the launch of an open beta for the Free2Race game, RaceRoom Racing Experience. With this announcement the studio is also revealing some of the price points for cars, tracks, and game modes to be sold through the store.

Lidköping, Sweden, Jan. 22 2013 – SimBin Studios AB and RaceRoom Entertainment AG have today announced an open beta for RaceRoom Racing Experience. With a planned launch next week where the store goes live, anyone can join the beta and begin to build the game of their dreams.



RaceRoom Racing Experience connects fans of racing around a game, motorsports portal, and online store combined and seamlessly built into one platform making it More Than a Game™.

Drivers begin their racing career in the portal and hit the track with plenty of free-to-play content. Shown in the promotional video, five free cars will be available to registered users and with two free tracks available in six layouts, there’s no shortage of tarmac to race on. Additional cars, tracks, and game modes will be available for purchase in the store.


RaceRoom Racing Experience uses a virtual currency called vRP (Virtual Race Points) which is tied to the Steam Wallet technology. vRP is then used to complete microtransactions which instantly unlock desired game content or features.

“We’ve established what we believe is an ethical, fair, and competitive pricing structure. Users will have the ability to choose high quality pieces of content which can be purchased to enhance their racing experience, however every user can enjoy an authentic and rich racing adventure and remain competitive without spending a dime.” – Chris Speed, COO – SimBin Studios AB

Individual car model prices range from 199 vRP to 329 vRP which is approximately 2 – 3,5 EUR. Tracks will generally be running from 349 vRP to 549 vRP or about 3,5 – 5,5 EUR. Tracks and cars will also be available from time to time in bundles. New game modes such as the Get Real package and Apex Hunt will be available for 99 vRP equaling 1 EUR.

Download RaceRoom Racing Experience and get ready to share your passion for real and digital racing.

Key Features:


The SimBin interpretation of a skill based free-to-play racing game.

ImmersiDrive™ Physics
SimBin’s latest iteration of their award winning physics methodology and technology.

RendR™ graphics engine
Dynamic Lighting System, Motion Blur, Physics based Particle system, Light Shafts, improved scalability.

Plug’n Race™
Automatically detects and pre-loads the needed profiles and assets for supported peripherals such as wheels and Joy Pads.

Brand New Sound Engine
Supporting 7.1 surround sound, multi layered audio playback and enhanced trigger system.

Leaderboard Challenge Teaser Edition
What was originally a solo play game mode is now a global real time challenge about being fastest in the world.

Game Navigator™
The key to all the action in RaceRoom Racing Experience. From impulse to racing you are only 40 seconds away. Never before has it been faster to strap into your favorite race car.



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