Sim Coaches P1-3 Pro Hydraulic Pedals Review By The SRG

Sim Coaches

Barry Rowland of the Sim Racing Garage presents his review of the SimCoaches P1-3 Pro Hydraulic Pedal Set.

SimCoaches are based in Las Vegas, Nevada USA, where they develop and produce high-end sim racing equipment for the PC market.

The beautifully CNC machined aluminum P1 Pedal Set includes a throttle, brake, and clutch pedal. The brake pedal is fitted with an adjustable 1000 psi pressure sensor, while the Clutch pedal uses a 500 psi pressure sensor. Both pedals have a Bias knob to change the pedal force.

The throttle movement is measured via a potentiometer and is using a 9-way adjustable throttle spring/damper system to generate the pedal feel. Both the brake and clutch pedals are using Wilwood GS Compact Integral Master Cylinders to simulate the hydraulic pressure feel of a racing pedal.

The electronics are integrated into the pedal housing, and are connected to a PC system using a regular USB connection cable.

The P1 Pedal Set is available via the official SimCoaches website for $1,486.84 + Shipping. The pedal base plate is available for $205.05 + shipping.

Official Webpage –

SimCoaches P1-3 Pro Hydraulic Pedal Set

P1-3 Pro Hydraulic Pedals Features:

  • Fully adjustable hydraulic pedal pressure with a range of 45 – 500LBS + of force to replicate your favorite racing car with the turn of a knob.
  • 9-way pressure throttle dampener helps maintain traction when accelerating making you faster.
  • Adjust the pedal angle to relieve your ankle of stress or pain during those long races.
  • High-quality Wilwood master and slave cylinders give you a realistic and consistent feel with every single push.
  • Build your muscle memory and become much more consistent after being able to feel like real life.
  • FREE hydraulic bleed before they leave our shop making them completely plug and play!

Features and Benefits:

  • Utilize Wilwood hydraulics for a consistent feeling every time.
  • Bias knob to change pedal force on hydraulic pedals.
  • 9-Way adjustable dampener on Throttle to find the exact resistance you like for maximum comfort.
  • High-quality CNC machining for ultimate reliability and performance.

Important Product and Safety Info:

  • Hydraulic pedals require brake fluid inside of them to operate. Brake fluid can be dangerous if consumed.
  • There is no maintenance required on these pedals. Once they are bled, they are fully sealed and will maintain their feel.
  • These pedals are meant to be used on a simulator for computer games. Not for use in real-life in real cars.
  • Only available via PC for now.
SimCoaches P1-3 Pro Hydraulic Clutch Pedal
SimCoaches P1-3 Pro Hydraulic Brake Pedal
SimCoaches P1-3 Pro Throttle pedal



  • Product Height: 10.5″
  • Product Width: 3.125″
  • Product Length: 8.625″
  • Product Weight: 6LBS


  • Product Height: 10.5″
  • Product Width: 4.5″
  • Product Length: 11.875″
  • Product Weight: 7LBS
  • Sensor Max: 1000PSI
  • Minimum Pressure: 65LBS of Force
  • Maximum Pressure: 600+ LBS of Force


  • Product Height: 10.5″
  • Product Width: 4.5″
  • Product Length: 11.875″
  • Product Weight: 7LBS
  • Sensor Max: 500PSI
  • Minimum Pressure: 35LBS of Force
  • Maximum Pressure: 140LBS of Force

What’s In the Box:

  • 1x P1 Clutch Pedal
  • 1x P1 Brake Pedal
  • 1x P1 Throttle Pedal
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 2x Hydraulic Pedal Cables
  • 1x Pedal Mounting Kit

Baseplate Features:

  • A thick baseplate absorbs all the pressure giving you a rigid pedal box. No flex or bending.
  • Various pre-drilled mounting solutions so you don’t have to modify your rig.
  • Unlimited pedal adjustment so you can replicate your favorite race car pedal box.
  • Relieve any pain at your ankle with our heel stop.
  • High-quality billet aluminum to keep your rig looking pretty.

Features and Benefits:

  • Thick CNC machined aluminum plate increases overall rigidity for ZERO-FLEX at maximum pressure.
  • Pre-drilled to fit on various rigs for ease of installation.
  • Heel-Plate included to eliminate ankle pain.
  • Multiple pedal layout allows for complete custom mounting for maximum comfort.



  • Product Thickness: 0.500″
  • Product Width: 14.125″
  • Product Length: 11.750″
  • Product Weight: 4LBS

What’s In the Box:

  • 1x Maximum Adjustment Baseplate
  • 1x Heel Plate
  • 1x Baseplate Mounting Kit
  • 1x Heel Plate Mounting Kit
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