Sim Lab SD43-X Sim Dash

Sim Lab SD43-X Sim Dash

Sim Lab SD43-X Sim Dash

Many Sim Racers out there are always on the hunt to enhance the immersion factor when racing online. Hardware such as direct drive wheels, hydraulic pedals, triple screen or ultra-widescreen setups, tactile feedback units, full-motion racing rigs, and more can all help you reach a more immersive racing experience.

Also Sim-Racing Dashboards and Data Displays can help both boost your immersion level, and actual lap-times. As far as functionality is concerned, this can easily be achieved using a smartphone and a dedicated telemetry app. However, when it comes to immersion and sim aesthetics, nothing beats a custom made Sim Racing Display.

Currently, there are quite a few products on the market that are very capable of covering all your telemetry needs. Units from brands such as Z1, SRH, Renovatio, AiM are all up to the task and cover a wide range of pricing.

Recently, the Dutch Sim-Lab brand known for its outstanding Aluminum Profile-based sim-racing chassis added a sim screen to their product lineup, introducing the Sim Lab SD43-X Sim Dash.

The SD43-X Sim Dash features a 4.3-inch color screen to hold all relevant data right where you need it. The Sim Dash is supplied with 2 Carbon Fibre brackets to mount it to Fanatec wheelbases and Simucube Direct drive base.

The housing is made of billet aluminum with a distinctly aggressive look, anodized black with the Sim-Lab logo engraved. On the back of the case sits the micro USB connector connecting it to your PC. Mounting brackets are made of Carbon fiber 3 mm plate.

Keep in mind that the SD43-X Sim Dash comes without software, but can effortlessly handle Z1 Or Sim dash based applications.

The Sim Lab SD43-X Sim Dash is available via the official Sim Lab Website for € 349.00 + Shipping

Compatible wheelbases:

  • Fanatec DD, CSW, CSL.
  • Simucube Pro, Sport, Ultimate
  • OSW, VRS

Not compatible with PS4, PS5 or XBOX.


  • 4.3” 480×272 Pixel color TFT LCD USBD 480
  • Hi-speed USB interface
  • Up to 90 FPS
  • 16 bit Colors
  • USB Powered
  • Multiple software options
  • Drivers included

Included in the box:

  • Dash SD43-X
  • Micro USB cable
  • 2x M5 bolts
  • 2x M6 bolts (Fanatec mounting option)
  • Adapter plate Fanatec (DD, CSW, Elite)
  • Adapter plate Simucube (OSW, MiGe, Bodnar, VRS)
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