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Sim Lab SF1 Formula Sim Seat Review By The SRG

Sim Lab SF1 Formula Sim Seat Review By The SRG

Sim Lab SF1 Formula Sim Seat Review By The SRG

Barry Rowland of the Sim Racing Garage reviews the SF1 Formula Sim Seat by Sim Lab. This single-piece formula-style bucket seat can also double as a traditional GT seat by changing the angle of mounting.

As usual, Barry takes the product through the detailed SRG review process and performs a test session before sharing his final thoughts.

Most sim racers will undoubtedly know the Dutch Sim-Lab brand for its outstanding Aluminum Profile-based sim-racing chassis. However, once you have ordered or build your own rig, you will need a racing seat to complete your chassis. While there are a large amount of GT style racing seats on the market, the Formula style seats are somewhat tinner spread.

The newly developed Sim Lab SF1 racing seat caters towards the formula seating position as well as a comfortable laid-back GT racing position. The seat is made of the same high-quality materials as regular proven GT style seats. The shell is made of GRP high-quality material and fabrics made of “3D” fabric which makes it very breathable and increasing comfort for longer seating periods.

With the 2 fixation points on the side, it is possible to have the seat reclined for a complete immersive Formula seating position, but when mounting it more upright a comfortable GT racing position can be achieved. The seat is very suitable for bigger users with a seat width of 43 cm at the hip area and is not restraining for even bigger sizes.

The Sim Lab SF1 Formula Sim Seat is available via the Sim Lab website for € 479.00 + shipping  (Currently, the orders have a 6 to 8 weeks lead time)

Keep in mind that the Side mounting brackets are not included.

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