Sim Racing Expo 2018 – 12 Hour Broadcast

Sim Racing Expo 2018 – 12 Hour Broadcast

Last weekend (September 14th to the 16th) the 2018 edition of the annual Sim Racing Expo was held in the 8,800 sqm Ring Boulevard Building at the German Nürburgring circuit.

For the fifth successive year, the Ring Boulevard Building which runs parallel to the Nürburgring Grand Prix track was host to an array of various sim racing industry exhibitors who were promoting some of their most popular products, as well as their latest releases and upcoming projects.

Visitors had the opportunity to thoroughly explore and test the latest and greatest products for the sim racing professional and enthusiast, and could also compete in the ADAC SimRacing Trophy and the ADAC Digital GT500 long-distance team challenge eSport competitions.

For those who did not have the opportunity to be present at this amazing event, the Nürburgring published a massive 12 hours of video footage showing us all the sights, sounds, and action this unique sim racing show.

We are sure that as in previous years, the Sim Racing Expo turned a number of Motorsport fans into Sim Racers, and who knows… maybe some Sim Racers into future real-world racing drivers.

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