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Sim Racing Hardware [SRH] ControlR unit revealed

SRH ControlR

Sim Racing Hardware “ControlR”

Sim Racing Hardware” [SRH]  revealed a prototype of the SRH ” ControlR” Button Console.  The unis is being designed to meet the demands for a high quality controller interface. The console features a selection of Rotary dials , Push buttons and Toggle switches. On the right bottom corner it houses a massive rotary Brake Bias controller. The size might prove very handy, knowing that many times you will have to turn it while focussing on the screen instead of the controller.

The angled controller console can rest on any desk or flat surface using its extra wide rugged stand. The stand is pre-drilled for those who want to mount the unit securely using screws. The stand brackets can be inverted or removed. This might come in handy for users that want to build the unit into a custom racing rig.

The unit is Plug & Play connected to your Pc using a single USB connection. All buttons and switches are configurable in your favourite simulator without the need for extra software.

The price or release date are not yet announced. Keep in mind that the pictured unit is a prototype, and there might be some minor details tweaked before the final version is released.  This is the base model of what will become a series of controller units. When more news arrives, we will surely keep you posted.

ControlR Features:

  • 5 Rotary Encoders
  • 1 Big Rotary Brake Bias Knob
  • 10 Push Buttons
  • 5 Toggle Switches
  • High Quality Construction
  • Detachable Rugged Stand
  • Multiple Mounting Options

Unit dimensions:

  • Width: 240mm
  • Height: 260mm
  • Depth: 175mm
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