Sim Racing Review Sim-Seat SR-X build part 2

Sim-Seat SR-X

Sim Racing Review Sim-Seat SR-X build part 2

In the previous episode of Sim Racing Review Doug Meyer introduced his Sim-Seat SR-X fitted with the Ricmotech Hydraulic Pedals project. In this episode Doug continues to document his progress and shows us the Ricmotech Hydraulic Pedals on the Sim-Seat SR-X rig. The pedals are fitted in a custom way to make it easier to heel and toe. The can be mounted on a floor plate, or as in Doug’s case hanging from a mounting unit. 

In the previous episode Doug already explained that sturdiness and adjustability where the main factors for choosing the Sim-Seat SR-X. In the next episode Doug will move the rig from his workshop to his office space and finish the build.

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