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SIMAGIC M10 DD Wheelbase Review By Laurence Dusoswa

SIMAGIC M10 DD Wheelbase Review By Laurence Dusoswa

SIMAGIC M10 DD Wheelbase Review By Laurence Dusoswa

The Chinese Simagic company recently introduced two new direct drive wheel systems in the form of the Simagic M10 and Simagic Alpha units. The M10 is delivering 10 Nm torque and is marketed as an entree-level DD unit, while the 15 Nm Alpha model is aimed at the professional market and more demanding Sim Racing enthusiast.

Simracing YouTuber Laurence Dusoswa got his hands on the first Simagic M10 unit in Europe, and after 4 weeks of intense use, including demonstrating it at a 4-day trade show (Autosport International 2020), it was time for a detailed review.

Besides the new Direct Drive wheelbases, Simagic also introduced two steering wheels. The Alcantara or Leather 300mm Diameter round Simagic GT1 wheel rim is equipped with 4 Programmable Buttons, 4 Programmable Knobs of which two are rotary knobs, Carbon Fiber Shifters and 50mm Quick-connect unit. Furthermore, the wheel features a Wireless Communication module for its internal electronics.

The 300mm Simagic GT4 wheel rim is based on a Formula/modern GT wheel and features 8 RBG Programmable Buttons, Two 4-Ways Triggers, and Two Programmable Rotary Knobs. The GT4 wheel is also fitted with Carbon Fiber Shifters, a 50mm Quick-connect unit and a Wireless Communication module for its internal electronics. The Simagic GT4 wheel features high-quality Silicone Grips while the round GT1 version is available as a D-Shaped Alcantara Flat Bottom wheel or as a Leather Round Wheel.  Both wheel rims are available with or without an optional Dual-Clutch system.

While the official pricing is not yet announced, we can already have seen the M10 wheelbase and GT4 wheel rim listed at some exclusive Simagic partner websites as follows:

  • M10 DD wheel Base Full Kit – US$ 899.00 + shipping
  • M10 DD wheel Base Motor Only – US$ 799.00 + shipping
  • Quick-Release (Wheel side)┬á US $65.00 + shipping
  • GT4 wheel rim $599.00 + shipping
  • GT4 wheel rim + Coiled USB cable version┬á $699.00 + shipping

Both the M10 and Alpha wheelbases are currently on pre-order and are expected to be shipped during February 2020.

SIMAGIC M10 DD Wheelbase

The M10 Direct Drive unit is Simagic’s entry-level 10 Nm sim racing wheelbase, which aims to deliver the best range of torque at an affordable price. Simagic states that 6-8 Nm is what is being regarded as the required toque needed for high-end sim racing wheels. The remaining 2-4 Nm is used to minimize force feedback clipping, and to help attenuate sudden feedback changes.

The M10 stepper motor is equipped with three CPUs to rapidly process the incoming signals resulting in a 1000 Hz refresh rate for USB communication, and a 40000 Hz update rate for force feedback controls.

At the time of writing, no official price is communicated.

SIMAGIC M10 DD Wheelbase

Simagic M10 Direct Drive unit Side  Simagic M10 Direct Drive unit Front

M10 DD Wheel Specifications:

  • Finish – CNC aluminum housing with an anodized surface, carbon fiber panels for front and back covers
  • Motor – Three-phase stepper motor optimized for sim racing uses
  • Max Toque – 10 Nm
  • Power Requirement – 100-220V AC, 50/60Hz (Use adaptor comes standard with the device only)
  • Platform – PC only, supports all major PC games like F1 2019, Dirt Rally, Assetto Corsa, rFactor 2, etc.
  • Connection – USB-B for connection to PC, Plug and Play, Reset button available for a quick reset
  • Software – Race Manager click to download
  • Location Sensor – 16385 Pulses per revolution
  • Refresh Rate – 1000 Hz for in-game data communication, 40000 Hz for force feedback control
  • Standard Warranty – 12 months, optional extension of 3 or 5-year warranty (available only at the time of purchase)


GT1 Steering Wheel

Simagic GT1 Steering Wheel

Simagic GT1 Steering Wheel  Simagic GT1 Steering Wheel

GT1 Wheel Specifications:

  • Standard 300mm Diameter
  • CNC Aluminum Structure
  • Carbon Fiber Cover Panel & Shifters
  • Dual-Clutch Or Non-Dual-Clutch
  • Alcantara Flat Bottom Or Leather Round Wheel
  • 4 Programmable Buttons, 4 Programmable Knobs
  • 50mm Quick Disconnect To Wheel Base
  • In-Game Wireless Communication
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