Simagic – P1000 P-HTS Hydraulic Accelerator Add-on

Simagic - P1000 P-HTS Hydraulic Accelerator Add-on

The Chinese SIMAGIC sim racing peripheral company introduced the new P-HTS Hydraulic Throttle System add-on for its TP1000 pedal system.

A hydraulic throttle pedal has a number of benefits over a standard throttle pedal such as a more precise control and more linear response, making it easier to control the throttle position accurately. Furthermore, a hydraulic throttle ensures a smoother and more consistent throttle response with a more natural feel.

This new P-HTS kit allows you to upgrade the Simagic P1000 pedals to a hydraulic accelerator system. Its unique quick-release design ensures easy assembly and can be installed in an inverted mode for those who use an inverted pedal setup.

The P-HTS is made out of CNC machined aluminum and the movable parts make use of graphite-copper for improved wear resistance.

For availability and exact pricing, check your local distributor. The official price is set to 169.00€ taxes included + shipping.

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