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SimBin Calling former Closed-Beta Testers

R3E Multiplayer Beta Testers wanted

SimBin Calling former Closed-Beta Testers for Multiplayer test

18 months ago SimBin ran a closed beta program before releasing RaceRoom Racing Experience. A selection of beta testers where invited to test and help debug R3E. now SimBin announced that they would like to perform a similar test during a limited period. With the Multiplayer Alpha around the corner, SimBin’s aim is to iron out bugs and stress test the multiplayer function of R3E.

While SimBin already performed in-house multiplayer tests, the Team needs a substantial number of server connections to be able to monitor network traffic and server load of the multiplayer function. To accomplish this, the development team is asking the former closed beta testers to join in and have a go at the multiplayer function of R3E.

When interested in participating in this test, you can do so by checking out your former RaceRoom Racing Experience WIP application on your Steam library. This application will be will be Re-activated, and from tomorrow on this R3E WIP version will run a multiplayer Alpha of DTM Experience in a test environment. This test will last for a few days until the team gathered enough data. When you decide to join the tests, you can submit your feedback by clicking the support icon in the MP Alpha menu. This way you will be able to report any issues or findings.

The Multiplayer update will initially be released for DTM Experience customers, followed somewhat later by a release for RaceRoom Racing Experience.

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