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In the light of the continuous evolution of the games industry, the Swedish game developer SimBin Studios AB has gone through several important changes over the last year. These changes are influencing the development philosophy of the company, as well as its game publishing strategies.

SimBin Studios has evolved significantly over the last year. Strong investments have led to the employment of new and experienced developers from all over the world, a new state of the art office as well as new projects currently in the making.

In the line of changes, Henrik Roos, one of three founders of SimBin and the CEO of the company, has decided to step down from his position. Henrik turns the ownership of SimBin Studios AB into the capable hands of Klaus Wohlfarth, the owner of KW Automotive, and the main investor and shareholder of SimBin Studios. Henrik Roos will continue to support the company as a business consultant.

”It feels strange and sad to step down from my role as CEO for SimBin after 10 years of ”marriage” with the company. It is with joy in my heart that I turn the company into the trustworthy hands of Klaus Wohlfarth and his management team. I will for sure follow and support SimBin in its future endeavors, but my family needs me and I also have new and exciting opportunities to explore.” says Henrik Roos.

Today, SimBin, RaceRoom and KW Automotive provide a wide product line of software and hardware within the racing games industry. All three companies are 100% dedicated to motorsports and have a true passion for all things motorized, living up to the statement: “We Are Racing”.

“It is our intention to provide people with the best opportunities to become virtual racers. By controlling the complete production chain in all areas, we are able to offer complete solutions that include software, hardware as well as the overall concepts. The combination of all these values in one, offered by RaceRoom, is a unique concept in the world” says Klaus Wohlfarth.

Additionally, SimBin is happy to inform that the company is working on a Free2Play game platform. Further details will be revealed later this year.

FYI – We are currently updating our media contacts, so we can send our information to the correct receiver. It would be highly appreciated if you could take the time to email us the contact handling news from our sector.

About SimBin Studios AB: SimBin is an award winning Swedish game development company with special focus on authentic racing games. With multiple industry awards and critically acclaimed titles in the bag already, the continued goal is to make authentic race gaming equally enjoyable and rewarding for beginners as well as for the hardcore veterans of the genre. In the SimBin portfolio of developed games you will find award winning self owned immaterial properties like the GTR and RACE game franchises next to “free to play” game concepts such as Volvo The Game as well as RaceRoom The Game which are spread to millions of users globally. Find more information on

About RaceRoom Entertainment AG: RaceRoom Entertainment AG is an entertainment company based in Rotkreuz, Switzerland with production facilities in Germany and Sweden. RaceRoom develops virtual racing hardware and racing game software for use in stationary or mobile business applications next to solutions for home users. RaceRoom offers a real world of racing by innovative simulation technology, in which everyone – whether young or old – can experience the unique fascination of motorsports using their personal R-Card™ – a technology uniquely tied to the RaceRoom concept. The stationary business concepts are sold as turn-key installations to entertainment, restaurant and amusement industry and the mobile RaceRoom concept are offered to provide the same entertainment at temporary or moving locations. Furthermore RaceRoom Online features a community portal on which end users can register using their R-Card™ and from there access their gaming statistic and join in organized competitions and more. The rapidly growing RaceRoom concept is today represented on multiple key locations all over Europe and in the US and further expansion plans include the Middle East region. Find more information on 




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