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SimCraft Motion Simulator – Henry Brass Interview

SimCraft Motion Simulator – Henry Brass Interview

With the growing popularity of Online Sim Racing, we have seen more and more high-end full motion simulators appear on the market. Companies such as SimXperience, CXC, SimCraft, and Frex can be regarded as the pioneers of today’s realistic racing simulation hardware industry.

Also, the real world racing scene is these days making heavy use of the modern racing simulation hardware available. Professional Full motion simulators can be used as both a physical and mental preparation tool, and are often utilized to reduce the track-time costs when drivers have to familiarize themselves with a certain venue or circuit.

Furthermore, Motion Simulators can also be helpful when a racing driver is recovering from an injury or has a medical condition. One of the full motion simulators out there, designed and developed for such a purpose is the SimCraft APEX3 rig.

A few months ago, ProCup Karter Henry Brass was injured during the 24 Hours of America race event. After a series of surgeries, Henry and his father Phil have made a trip to the SimCraft headquarters for some seat time and rehabilitation sessions in the SimCraft APEX3 motion simulator. In this video, we can see Henry perform a few laps in a virtual Kart using the Image Space Incorporated rFactor 2 Simulation software.

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