SimCraft – Project AXIS2 Prototype

SimCraft - Project AXIS2 Prototype

SimCraft – Project AXIS2 Prototype

Full motion simulator manufacturer SimCraft reported that they will launch three new motion peripherals during this year. We already covered the YawMan, and the XRT1000. Now it’s time to present you the third product in the new SimCraft lineup for 2017.

The SimCraft AXIS2 Universal Mounting Platform is a 2DOF (roll/pitch) motion device that as the previously mentioned products will accept any static rig to be mounted on it, converting it instantly to a motion platform.

The included video shows us a small test of the 2nd gen (MKII) AXIS2 prototype. Product details associated with the YawMan, the XRT1000, and the AXIS2 projects, including final product names, cross compatibility, motion specifications, pricing, date of availability, and options will be released June 1st.

At the time of writing, Simcraft has not yet communicated a manufacturer’s suggested retail price.

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