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SIMETIK Cockpit K2 review by GamerMuscle (Part 1)

GamerMuscle reviews the SIMETIK Cockpit K2 (Part 1)

GamerMuscle presents his review of the Portuguese Simetik Cockpit K2.

The Cockpit K2 by Simetik is an affordable and highly adjustable simulator rig that should appeal to many sim racers out there.  Out of the box, the Cockpit K2 is compatible with the Logitech G25/G27, Thrustmaster T500RS/T300, and Fanatec Clubsport. Needless to say that with a little of DIY effort, you can fit just about any other hardware kit to the rig. Keep in mind that the rig is retailed without a racing seat.

The Cockpit K2 has a modest price tag of 280€ (VAT incl.) For now, the Simetik Cockpit K2 is only distributed in the European Union.

In this review video, GamerMuscle unboxes the cockpit and shows us how easy it is to assemble the unit. After showcasing the quality construction and adjustability of the rig, GamerMuscle gears up for a hands-on test session. For the outcome of the test session, we will have to wait for part 2 of this review video.

The Cockpit K2 can optionally be fitted with:

  • Central Monitor mount (€100)
  • Side Monitors mount (€80)
  • Mouse and Keyboard holder (€43.50)
  • Shifter holder (€22.76)
  • PC limiter (€22.76)

The rig allows for the following adjustments

  • Steering wheel: Inclination, height and depth.
  • Pedals: Inclination
  • Righ length: three possible configurations to accommodate users from 1,35m /4,4ft up to 1,95m/6,4ft
  • Seat Mounting: Multiple holes to accommodate many types of chairs as well as universal car seat rails


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Simetik Cockpit K2

Simetik Cockpit K2  Simetik Cockpit K2