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McLaren M6GT BM released.

Based on the all-conquering M6A of Can-Am fame, the M6 GT was designed to realize Bruce McLaren’s 24 Hours of Le Mans dream. While this vision never came to fruition, and only three prototypes were produced, the car still made its mark on automotive history—and this one in particular had its own special destiny.

Sporting the same aluminum-alloy monocoque chassis, closed-cockpit fiberglass body, and 370-bhp Chevy V8 engine as its two siblings, this car—the only one built at the McLaren racing factory—was commandeered by Bruce McLaren himself for use as his own personal transport.

Bearing the license number OBH 500H, it was driven around the roads of Britain by McLaren who by now had his sights set on another grand project—to produce his company’s first mega-spec road-going supercar. Sadly his bold vision died with him in 1970 but its embodiment remains perfectly preserved, with a mere 1,900 miles on the clock.

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