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Presenting the 1995 Lancer Evolution III

The third generation of Mitsubishi’s high-performance flagship model arrived in 1995. Like its two predecessors, the Evo III was produced exclusively for the Japanese market. However, since the original Evo’s launch in 1992, the car had built up such a reputation that it had become a staple commodity in the thriving "gray import" market.

The Evo III boasted sportier styling than its immediate predecessor, but not all the changes were purely aesthetic. Its modified nose molding was designed to increase the supply of air to the radiator, intercooler, and brakes while its new side skirts, redesigned rear bumper, and larger rear spoiler were all added in order to reduce lift.

Under the hood, its upgraded engine featured a new turbocharger compressor that resulted in a power output of 270 bhp—an 18 bhp improvement on that of the Evo II, but still 6 below the maximum allowed for Japanese-spec cars at the time.

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