SimRaceway – Release Notes 13-Apr-2012.



Release Notes 13-Apr-2012

Release Build: SimracewayGame_64.exe

Release Date: 04/13/12


  • Tracks are now loaded dynamically and no longer included in the installer file (to reduce file size)
  • Numerous fixes on the flash UI side improving behavior and optimization.
  • Stutter on join has improved for hot lap events.
  • New Track available:  Troyton (3 layouts, includes Kart, GP & Club)

Fixed Issues

  • Race Monitor: Time now correctly displayed after a ghost race
  • Game no longer blocks when presssing ESC in the Game Update dialog
  • Login time improved
  • Paradise Bay Kart track: Fixed Gaps/breaks appearing in driving lines
  • Upgraded the navigation to accept both mouse and keyboard when moving focus between components in Events, Garage
  • Race Monitor – Player Count now synced with actual number of players
  • Options panel – now able to scroll all the way to the top of the mappings list
  • improved sorting mechanism for global chat list

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