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Simraceway – External Release Build 76 Changelog.



 Simraceway – External Release Build: Simraceway Game_76


Simraceway released the external Build SimracewayGame_76.exe.  The build ads various fixes and features.

Fixed Issues

  • Quick Race 2.0 – Post race not counting lapped users correctly
  • Virtual mirror not placed correctly within virtual mirror boarder
  • Qualifying Penalty counter is on by mistake
  • Quick Race – Unable to receive a drive through penalty when speeding in pit.
  • Continuous runtime error after disconnecting from a quick race event
  • Split time not appearing after each lap.
  • Quick Race 2.0 – Undefined event lobby once leaving race
  • Missing lap numbers and lap times from replays from website
  • Backing out of practice spinner takes you to event lobby.
  • Legacy issue – Acceleration quicker when upshifting than downshifting
  • Switching HUD off and on generate past messaging
  • Improper scaling of User Interface assets in flash.
  • Renault spelt incorrectly under the license credits
  • Quick Race 2.0: from the QR lobby, pressing “Install Car” still pops up the same
  • Sometimes when joining an event the car overlaps the safety car



Automatic download feature of cars so that tracks are now intermixed

Add the Spinner back to the Practice Sessions & QR 2.0

Reduce the CLOSED timer amount from 15 seconds to 5 seconds

Reposition race messaging so it is not in the center of the screen

Automatically reduce join timer when maximum users reached event time on QR 2.0

Remember pre-race chat messages and display them to the user when he returns from the race

Add Paint selection screen to Quick Race 2.0

Add Paint selection screen back to Practice Race

Improved messaging in the pits for when speed limiter is on

Inform players that a session is about to end. Remaining time for Hot Laps, Last Lap for Challenges / QR 2.0



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