– G25 / G27 GT Wheel Plates promo continued.

 – G 25/27 GT Wheel Plates promo continued.

Brian lets us know that because of the success of the G 25/27 GT Wheel Plates, the promo offer will be continued for one more week.

The quality GT plate can be yours for  £ 95.95!  

Their GT wheel plate for Logitech G25 and G27 has been designed with a different approach, sometimes less is more and that is certainly the case with the new GT Plate! Designed from the outset for people who use larger wheel rotations (like 900Deg) and / or want to be able to hold the whole wheel rim easily (drifters and rally drivers) but who still want an on wheel shiftlight and a few extra buttons!

This may be a mini plate, but it still packs a punch! Built to the same exacting standards and materials as our bigger wheel plates the quality is obvious. Offering an 8 LED shift light array, plus 2 more LED’s for shift point and a further 2 more LED’s housed in countersunk chrome cases that can be assigned as warning lights etc it gives all the essential info you need. Add to this four extra buttons on the plate and this little wheel plate really delivers!

Best of all, this plate comes fully assembled and complete, simply unbolt your wheel, place the plate on and re-affix your wheel, simple! 

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