SIMTAG Announces Hydraulic 2 Pedal Racer Edition

SIMTAG Hydraulic 2 Pedal Racer Edition

SIMTAG Announces Hydraulic 2 Pedal Racer Edition

The fast-growing Belgium based SIMTAG brand proudly introduces the SIMTAG Hydraulic 2-pedal set Racer Edition.

Simtag strives to deliver high-quality sim racing products by incorporating real racing components and professional-grade materials into their products, making it the perfect choice for racing teams, racing drivers, instructors and sim racing enthusiasts.

Such is also the case with the new Simtag Hydraulic 2-pedal set Racer Edition. The highly adjustable Racer Edition sim racing pedal set is build up around a floor-mounted 2-pedal Tilton 600-Series Racing Pedal assembly. The Tilton Engineering 600-Series pedal units are the benchmark for pedal assemblies of their type, offering great performance and value.

The forged aluminum pedal set features a single hydraulic loop which allows a maximum brake pressure of no less than 120 kg. The pedal resistance can be further adjusted via Simtag rubber bushings which allow you to optimize the feel of the pedals according to your own preferences. For extra comfort and efficiency, the Racer Edition pedals feature adjustable (vertical & horizontal) foot pads.

The Plug & Play SIMTAG pedals can be connected to the PC via USB, or can be directly connected to a SIMUCUBE 2 Direct Drive wheelbase.

Last but not least, for sim racers esthetics can be important . Therefore Simtag offers a brake hose color choice. You can select out of 6 colors, being red, blue, yellow, green, orange, and black.

The SIMTAG Hydraulic 2 Pedal Racer Edition set will soon be available for pre-order via the official SIMTAG webstore for €1489 inc. VAT + shipping. (Customers who already want to secure a set before the pre-order goes live, can do so via the SIMTAG mail.)


  • Tilton 600 forged aluminum 2 pedal floor mount assembly modified by SIMTAG
  • Throttle position sensors and pressure sensor made by Bosch
  • Up to 120 kg maximum pressure
  • Cosworth dust and moisture-proof connectors for maximum reliability.
  • Plug & Play Electronics for USB connection
  • SIMUCUBE 2 direct connection
  • Adjustable resistance
  • Adjustable pressure
  • Adjustable pedal pads
  • Individually adjustable pedal angles
  • Fully optimized for strength and weight using Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Fixed balance bar, manufactured by Simtag for the precise pedal control
  • PTFE coated aluminum clevises for increased durability and reduced friction
  • An oil-impregnated bronze bushing at pedal pivots
  • Brake wire color: red, blue, black

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