Simtrecs ProPedal GT Review By The SRG

Simtrecs ProPedal GT Review

Back in December we already introduced the amazing Simtrecs ProPedal GT set. Now Barry Rowland of the Sim Racing Garage takes the ProPedal GT through the SRG review process.

József and Gábor Cserkuti founded the Simtrecs company based in Budapest, Hungary. Having years of experience in real and RC model motorsport, Simtrecs recently ventured into the world of high-end sim racing hardware presenting their impressive ProPedal GT racing pedal set.

The ProPedal GT pedals are custom made out of beautifully CNC machined billet aluminium, with rods and shafts machined out of quality steel. Al the important moving parts are fitted with ball bearings for a smooth, non-flex, and noiseless operation.

All electronic measurements are registered via a 200kg high capacity load-cell and high quality Vishay potentiometers.

Simtrecs ProPedal GT
Simtrecs ProPedal GT settings
Simtrecs ProPedal GT ball bearings

The unit comes with custom-developed ultra-high-resolution 16-bit USB electronics, controlled by the SmartDrive configuration software which lets you dial in all the pedal parameters.

The ProPedal GT / SmartDrive combination features a unique way to dial in the pedal characteristics. There are four different characteristics available, Linear, Exponential, One point, and Multi point. Each pedal can individually be set via any of these four options.

The SmartDrive software lets you set and save custom profiles and curves, including dead-zones, and brakeforce limits. All settings can be stored on the connected PC.

To make the ProPedal GT future proof, the unit features an updatable firmware. Updates can be downloaded from the official Simtrecs website.

Simtrecs ProPedal GT Software

The ProPedal GT is fully adjustable. You can customise the pedal distance, pedal height, and pedal angle to suit you personal preference. Furthermore, you can set the travel, required force, preload, and resistance curve in various ways.

All the pedals are fitted with hydraulic dampers to simulate the hydraulic systems of a real car. The clutch comes with a set of different springs to adjust the pedal force. The foot-plates are adjustable up, down, and left, right, and allow for 7 different angle positions each with 3.75 degrees increments. For accurate and comfortable operation, the throttle pedal features a flat foot-plate, while both the brake and clutch pedal are fitted with a curved foot-plate.

Simtrecs ProPedal GT Hydraulic Damper
Simtrecs ProPedal GT Hydraulic Damper

Optionally, Simtrecs provides an aluminum heel-plate that is adjustable ( 3 steps) sliding forwards, backwards, and sideways.

Simtrecs ProPedal GT heel-plate

The ProPedal GT is available via the official Simtrecs website for €1,175.00 + Shipping. ( €925 excluding tax)

The ProPedal Baseplate is available for €175.00 + Shipping. ( €138 excluding tax)

For more detailed info, make sure to check out the excellent manual on the ProPedal GT support page.

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