Simucube ActivePedal – First Look By GamerMuscle

Simucube ActivePedal - First Look By GamerMuscle

Back in October, the Finnish e-sport, and professional simulation racing hardware manufacturer, Simucube revealed the Simucube ActivePedal.

During the recent 2022 ADAC SimRacing Expo at the NürnbergMesse in Nuremberg, Germany, our favorite sim racing YouTuber GamerMuscle had a first look and test of a pre-production unit of the Simucube ActivePedal.

The Simucube ActivePedal is somewhat of a game-changer when it comes to sim racing pedal setups. Simicube came up with a loadcell pedal design without passive elements, featuring unlimited adjustability, repeatability, and simulator telemetry data-based force feedback effects.

Where passive pedals rely on rubbers, springs, or cylinders to mimic the feel of real-world units, the Simucube ActivePedal produces all the pedal forces with the use of an actuator and in-game telemetry. The pedal setup can be set up and tweaked in real-time via a powerful software application that lets you adjust the brake pressure up to 150kg, pedal travel distance, brake air gap, ABS, traction control, and more. Because of the lack of conventional parts, Simucube states that the ActivePedal will require zero maintenance.

Needless to say, these pedals are not for those on a budget…

The Simucube Active Pedal is now up for pre-order. At the time of writing, no official shipping date was shared.

  • The Simucube ActivePedal single pedal – € 2418,79 Incl. VAT + shipping.
  • The Simucube ActivePedal Set of 2 – € 4462,48 Incl. VAT+ shipping.
  • The Simucube ActivePedal Set of 3 – € 6454.67 Incl. VAT + shipping.


  • Configure as a brake, throttle, or clutch
  • Maintenance free
  • ABS feedback
  • Force feedback
  • Traction control
  • 200kg brake pressure


SimuCube ActivePedal

What’s included:

  • Simucube ActivePedal
  • Power supply
  • Simucube Link
  • USB cable
  • Ethernet RJ45 (Used to connect Simucube Link and ActivePedal)
  • Fixing screws
  • Torx allen key
  • Quick start guide
  • Stickers

Official Webpages – www.simucube.comGamerMuscle Channel