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Simulators can pay dividends in the real world at the track

Base Perfomance Simulators

Whenever we read the sentence ” Simulators have come a long way in the past few years” we just have to read the article. On the official FIA World Endurance Championship website, you can read an interesting article about haw far Simulators have come in the past few years and why and how they are used in Motorsports for driver training and/ or engineering.  A good example of such a Simulator run as a company is Aston Martin’s factory driver Darren Turner’s Base Performance Simulators in Banbury, UK.

In this article Darren explains that professional simulators these days are a big investment and rapidly becoming more complex. With that complexity the price goes up. Base Performance runs two simulators, a single-seater and a GT, where drivers are able to learn and drive a 100+ circuits in an ever-growing database. Further more Darren explains the difference between a racing game and a simulator. To Quote Darren Turner “A simulator might provide driver training in the virtual world but it can pay dividends in the real world at the track. ”

Knowing that Base Performance Simulators is using ISI’s rFactor as a platform is regular prove that the lines between a game and simulator are rapidly fading.

Read the full article on the FIA WEC website 


Base Perfomance Simulators  Base Perfomance Simulators

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