SimWorx/Heusinkveld Rally Setup By The SRG

SimWorx/Heusinkveld Rally Setup By The SRG

Barry Rowland of the Sim Racing Garage is attempting to modify his sim-racing chassis in order to use the SimWorx Pro Series Supercar Sequential Shifter and the Heusinkveld Sim Handbrake as a perfect Rally racing Sim setup.

Barry said: I wanted to create this video to demonstrate some of my processes for creating mods for my sim racing needs. I know a lot of racers like to do their own work when it comes to their Sim Rigs. So sharing some of mine seemed to be a good fit for this channel. Here I was able to combine two of my favorite pieces of Sim Racing hardware to create an easily deployable unit when I wanted to switch between driving styles. That also meets my own standards for stiffness.


Using aluminum profile as my building material made the job go pretty smoothly. I only needed a few tools that a lot of people already have in their own garage. Being able to cleanly cut aluminum profile, drill accurate holes, and use a tap to create threads in those holes, really opens you up to new possibilities when it comes to creating your own mods and hardware. I think now that you see the result I was able to get here, you may want to think of using some profile in your next custom project. The SimWorx sequential pro shifter is truly a thing to beauty and function. When combined with the great Heusinkveld loadcell based hand brake, it’s a combination that is hard to beat I think. Although you can get a very satisfying result using other shifters and hand brakes no doubt.


Simworx Supercar Billet Sequential Shifter  Simworx Supercar Billet Sequential Shifter Arm

SimWorx Pro Series Supercar Sequential Shifter

One of the brands aiming at the more expensive, high-end segment of the sim racing market is the Australian SimworX company who are based in Bayswater North, Victoria, Australia. SimworX is building simulator cockpits since 2002. Their hugely successful racing simulator series is used as a home training setup by many real-world racing teams and international racing drivers. Besides designing and building full-blown Sim Racing chassis, Simworx also develops and retails high-end sim racing peripherals.

One of their latest creations is the Simworx Supercar Billet Sequential Shifter as used in the Ford Falcon FG-X of the Shell V-Power DJR Penske Team. This Alloy Supercar Shifter is CNC machined from a solid Billet of aluminum and is polished.  The shifter features a separate gearbox connected via a push rod, just as in the real world. The gearbox can also be remotely mounted using a longer push rod. The throw and tension are adjustable. A reverse lever will also be available. The Shifter is PC compatible and fully Plug and play when using iRacing, AMS, Assetto Corsa, rFactor2, rFactor1 and Project Cars.

The Simworx Supercar Billet Sequential is on order for 1,100.00 AUS$ + GST + Shipping for Australian customers. (converted that is €695  / £625 + shipping + taxes when available outside Australia)


  • Precision CNC machined from 6061 Billet Aluminium
  • Dual Roller Bearing Pivot
  • Precision Ground Pivot Bolt
  • Authentic Foam Handle
  • CNC Machined Base Assembly
  • Polished Alloy Handle Adaptor
  • Push Rod Connector to the gearbox
  • Variable Stroke via Pushrod
  • CNC precision gearbox actuator assembly
  • Stainless Steel Bolts and fasteners
  • 12 Bit USB interface
  • Self Installing software – plug and play
  • Reverse Lever assembly available as an option


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Heusinkveld Sim Handbrake

The Sim Handbrake features a strong, stiff, compact and durable design made out of stainless steel. Using load cell technology, the amount of force you apply on the lever determines the output to your simulation software of choice. The handbrake system has an adjustable lever, allowing the lever to be tilted 120 degrees in infinite adjustable steps in order to offer maximum flexibility. The lever features a soft grip at the end.

The handbrake can detect forces of up to 17kgs (measured at the soft grip at the lever) and features an overload protection. The load cell is (indirectly) activated by a rubber, which gives the handbrake a firm and progressive feel. The handbrake comes with 2 types of rubber, so the feel of the handbrake can be adjusted.

The Sim Handbrake comes with various options for mounting it to your rig. The base unit of the system has a 2×2 array of mounting holes/slots. There is also an alternative mounting solution: With every handbrake, we also supply an adapter plate (‘wingsuit’) which can be mounted directly on aluminum profiles with a maximum width of 40mm. The handbrake can then be mounted on top of this adapter. Please note that you must supply your own T-nuts, nuts, and bolts to fit the handbrake to the adapter plate and the adapter plate to an aluminum profile. Since the angle of the handbrake lever can be adjusted 120 degrees, you can mount the base unit both in a horizontal and vertical position.

The handbrake comes with a USB controller box (with onboard load cell amp and USB connector). This controller board gives an analog output (it acts as a single analog joystick axis).

The Heusinkveld Sim Handbrake is available via the Heusinkveld website starting from 239.00 VAT included.

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